10 Benefits of Using Flash for Web Design

Many people avoid creating flash websites because it takes an awful lot of programming knowledge and it is renowned for not being very search engine optimization friendly.  However when we decide to remove the possibility of flash because of its unfriendly search engine optimization nature we lose the benefits that flash has to offer.

The days of squeaky modems and slow loading times are a thing of the past.  Most people’s bandwidth and computer processors are robust enough to handle a flash designed website.  Even more mobile Internet has grown far enough so that it too can offer a good user experience when dealing with flash websites.

It looks unique

At the end of the day, it has to be said that Flash websites look more unique and original than other websites.  Flash websites are as far away from template website design as you can get.  This alone is enough to make them look unique and original, but there interactive nature seals the deal.

It opens up a completely new design dynamic

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It is a little like having an artist who has only ever drawn with crayons being given a can of spray paint and told to go and create something of the side of a 200 wall.  Unlike the boxy and modular styles that come with regular web design, flash websites enable a person to program from the ground up.

You can stand out from the crowd

Being unique and original is all part of standing out from the crowd, and a flash website is profoundly unique and original.  So much so that it actually takes more effort to recreate a dull website with flash than it does to create a fun and new original one.

You can make the site more interactive

Interaction online is still in its infancy, but flash designed websites can be easily programmed to be far more interactive without coming across as clunky and poorly timed.  Even something such as a noise occurring when somebody hovers his or her pointer over a certain piece of text is far easier to do what the flash designed website than it is with a traditional one.

You can integrate videos directly into the foundation of your page

Instead of having any square video embedded in your website, you can have videos as a foundation of your page.  For example, you could have a video playing in the background of your website.

You can make dynamic text

Things such as HTML have ways of making text move around the screen.  That is normally done with something such as the marquee html command.  Even when it’s integrated with a very sophisticated animation it still looks clunky, boxy, and modular.  This is not a problem with a flash designed website.

You can make reactive elements

In the same way that you can make dynamic text you can also make reactive elements.  This includes things such as having a menu open as soon as the mouse pointer is hovered over it.

You can add sound effects to certain actions

With a flash designed website, you are able to add sound effects to certain actions, such as a link being pressed on a page turning over.

You have more freedom to draw attention to certain elements of the page

When you create a traditional website, you are not really limited in your choices of elements to add into your website, however drawing attention to certain parts of the page is often done for the finesse of a pony in a paddling pool.  Flash websites however allow elements of a page to be highlighted in a smooth motion.

You can make more dynamic and individual websites, which are more visually appealing than other of the same ilk

Movement can be better integrated into your website if it is designed as a flash website.  A flash website can even tell a story in a way that is more reminiscent of the television than it is of something online.


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