12 PHP Benefits You Must Know Before You Begin in PHP

When it comes to developing a web application, you get spoiled by choices. There are many scripting languages such as ASP, Perl, CGI, JPS and PHP available out there to assist you in web application development procedure. You will find lots of posts over the internet debating PHP versus ASPX, but it is a fact that the immense popularity of PHP is unrivaled.Some of the world’s most famous online platforms including WordPress and Facebook have been developed using PHP programming. And thus regardless of how many web programming languages you know, having knowledge of PHP programming is a must to grow in the web world.

Having said that, let’s see top 12 advantages of PHP scripting language for your website development.

1. Open Source Code

It is an open source language, meaning its source code is available to everyone and anyone for FREE! If you hire a PHP programmer with good knowledge in C and Java, it will be extremely easier for him to build a PHP application in just few days. And you need not to worry about any licensing fee.

2. Cross-Platform Language

PHP web application or website can run across all major operating systems available out there, and thus it is called as cross-platform language. It works phenomenally on windows, Linux and UNIX platforms. In addition, it interfaces with Apache/MySQL in the most effective and efficient manner.

3. Online Support

As said in the beginning of this post, PHP is quite a popular web development platform. And this is the reason there are many guidelines, tutorials and supporting documents are available over the internet. you will also fund a large number of forums, support groups and posts about PHP website development and web application development. If you are confused while programming, there is a great wealth of online support and online library to make you through.

4. Best Value for Money

PHP is mostly used to build dynamic websites that ensure more traffic and in turn more sales.

php benefits

5. Vast Community

Due to its worldwide popularity, there are lots of PHP developers, PHP users, PHP contributors and employers offering PHP jobs. The community is so huge that it is beneficial for both employers and PHP job-seekers.

6. Easy to Embed With HTML

Yes, PHP can be easily embedded into HTML, which together makes it easier to transform one static website into a dynamic one.

7. SFS

SFC refers to stability, flexibility and speed – three main attributes of PHP that make it the first choice of developers and businesses.

8. Bright Future Prospects

The future prospects of PHP are literally everlasting. And thus investing your hard earned cash or your valuable time in PHP development is worthwhile.

9. Fast

PHP reduced the turnaround time considerably. All you need to make sure is hire a good PHP developer who has years of experience and expertise in PHP programming.

10. Extensions

PHP offers an extensive range of extensions, which are highly scalable. PHP deliverables are always measurable and it gives you make hold on good position in the market.

11. Other Tools

For example, if you want to integrate Google Map in your website, PHP makes it a lot easier. You can embrace any web based tool easily and quickly using PHP.

12. Off-the-shelf

Some web hosting services offer off-the-shelf PHP setup. So, you no more need any special configuration.

If you are keen to leverage the benefits of PHP for your website, hire best web development services provider company which has excellent expertise in PHP.


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