20 Things To Know About Google+

The world has started to share the things in online as concept based. In order to improve more Google has come out with Google+. Its not been open yet but people can join through the invitation. But it’s just the beginning and more plenty have to come.

Before getting into Google Plus community, you should know the 20 things:

1.If some one invites you only can join Google +.
2.You can download Google+ App for Android.
3.Its not the competitor of Facebook.
4.Once the Android App is downloaded its splits into Huddle feature as a separate application.
5.Post tabs which appears in Google profile which allow the user to post status.+1 and buzz are separated ones.
6.Photos can be easily uploaded through mobile phones.
7.To have an video chat in groups the feature of G+ named as Hangouts available for the users.
8.Android users have the facility of feature called Huddle to chat.
9.To share links and videos with your friends spark feature is available.
10.Anything shared with G Plus will be added to stream and is further shared with friends streams.
11.Stream feature which is equal to Facebook Feed News.
12.Friends sharing can be seen through stream feature.
13.Link and Video can be notified to others by using the symbols + and @.
14.Stream filtering option is available.
15.We can see the specific post in certain streams.
16.we can chat with online friends through stream.
17.The content also can be reported in it.
18.Additionally search box feature will be added to have search in streams.
19.If you want shared post also can be edited .And you can receive the notification from Google Plus bar available in Google products like Adsense, Gmail and Webmaster Account.
20.Google has received a great response from the internet community.

google plus starting tips

Google has launching plenty of option for the users but I think google plus will not be the competitor of Facebook. Because Facebook has plenty of users and many interesting stuff in it and got great response from the people. I Hope soon Google will take great part in social network

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