2012: Good Time To Buy New Devices

The New Year introduces another year of awesome devices that promise to be cooler than ever before. 2011 brought some amazing electronics that we would be lost without like the iPad 2 and HTC Thunderbolt. What does 2012 have in store for us?

  1. Macbook Pro with High-Resolution Display This is a big deal if you’re a Macbook Pro owner who does a lot of video editing, picture editing and gaming. Even if you just browse the Internet and check Facebook every so often, doing it on a high-res screen is so much better than non high-res, isn’t it? While the previous screens on the Macbook series laptops were gorgeous, you’ll be able to clearly tell the difference with your new screen.
  2. Android Devices with Ice Cream Sandwich The newest version of Android was introduced with the newest phone by Google called the Nexus. Although there’s only one device right now with ICS on it, it only means a new wave of products with the new version of the popular operating system will hit the market very shortly, in addition to the wave of updates that are sure to hit devices with older versions of Android, whether it be a tablet, phone, or New York Nissanvehicle with tablet-like capabilities, 2012 will prove to be an exciting time with the ICS introduction.
  3. Playstation 4 (Maybe New Xbox as Well) Remember when the next-generation consoles came out about six years ago? They were amazing. Before them, consoles had inferior graphics, lack of a user experience, and didn’t allow streaming or an intuitive online gaming realm. The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and even the Wii, revolutionized gaming for the masses. Now, it’s time for the next next-generation of gaming. The 2012 E3 convention has everyone salivating at the thought of new gaming systems. Besides, with the dated hardware inside current gaming consoles, it’s time for something new anyway.
  4. Asus PadfoneIt took awhile to realize that Asus wants you to purchase their phone AND tablet to have the full functionality of what they’re presenting here, but once over that, it’s actually kind of neat. The idea is that you can do something on your phone, join your phone with the tablet in some sort of tablet-smartphone conjoined twin fashion, then continue what you were doing on the tablet. You also have the convenience of the extra battery from the tablet if your phone is running low, as you can take calls and texts from the tablet.The phone connects seamlessly in the back and is covered by a plastic cover. Kind of a cool concept. I’m hoping they allow you to use any phone, though.
  5. Thunderbolt Ports for PC Apple computers already have this, but the PC market will get to feast on superfast data transfer speeds. Before, everyone had to transfer data via slow USB methods, which took quite a long time. With the Thunderbolt ports, people are saying that you can transfer HD movies in mere seconds rather than hours. Of course, this process could be bottlenecked if your transfer medium is outdated, but if your device is up-to-date, data will be flying faster than you can blink.
  6. buy new devices

2012 is sure to bring other exciting contributions to the tech world, but this list of items is understandably exciting. Online classifieds have plenty more tech gadgets to check out.

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