2013 – A Favorable Time for Setting up New Blogs

Blogging has got tremendously popular and around sixty percent of the online population over web is into or associated with the world of blogging. Year 2012 witnessed many new tools and software to maintain and operate blogs conveniently, but at the same time, blogging has got complex and hard too. To keep the quality high, Google and other search engines have launched various updates to keep a check on the content and design of the blogs. Initially, many bloggers didn’t know about such updates and their blogs confronted strict punishments and lower ranking over the search engines

Blogs in year 2013:

The New Year (2013) is coming up shortly, and we expect to witness more from the world of blog. 2013 would be a best time to start and run new blogs, because now we have detailed descriptions and information regarding every update and rules of the search engines and can safeguard can take steps to get the blog more visible in online searches.

Following are the reasons to set up new blogs in the year 2013:

2013 new blogs

Google’s algorithms:

Google is the world’s favorite search engine and strives to provide the users with authentic, quality, and reliable information. It launches updates timely like Panda and Penguin to detect and eliminate copied and low quality content from sites and blogs. Earlier, only few bloggers were familiar with these updates and majority knew nothing about Google’s algorithms. If you plan to set up a blog then 2013 must be a good time for you as now we are fully aware of Google’s updates and can take steps to construct the blog in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the search engines.

Increased number of facilities:

In the past few years, there were very few resources and tools to operate and maintain blogs. Neither were more resources from where one could get sufficient guidance about running a blog. Today, there are a number of forums, websites, and blogs which are created solely to help and guide the beginners about blogging. This number is even increased in year 2012, and 2013 would be a year where blogging is expected to rise even more. With greater number of facilities and resources at hand, you can set up a new blog much more conveniently in 2013 than ever before.

Increased Competition:

A fierce competition is going on between blogs to attract more dears and get fame over web. If you want your blog to stand out from the counterparts, you will eventually work harder to get your blog towards heights of success. Competition motivates bloggers to do more than others and this competition is going to get worse in year 2013 and thus it would be a best time to launch your blog and present the readers with something new and interesting.

More ways to Make Money via Blogging:

There was a time when advertisements were the only way to make money via blogs. But these days, there are number of ways by which a blogger can earn money via their blogs. Sponsorship, affiliate marketing, pay per click, and in-text advertisements are the most popular ways to earn while you blog.

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