3 Essential Tips for Creating a Profit Centric eCommerce Website

All website designers worth their salt want the eCommerce website that they have designed to rake in the big bucks. But, this is easier said than done, as crafting a profitable eCommerce website is not a cake walk. It is a long and difficult process that not only needs to meet the client objectives but also user expectations. The bottom line is that the success or failure of an eCommerce website lies in the hands of the designer.

The website designer must ensure that he/she gets the design just right to create a website that becomes a profit generating machine for the online client. While there is no doubt that no designer, can promise whether a site will be able to become profitable or not, there are some tips  they can definitely use to ensure that their designing efforts are on the right track.

Striking Design is overrated

Designers, especially newbies should take note that the days of a good looking website attracting shoppers and converting them into paying customers are long gone. Online shoppers are no longer lured by the striking visuals of an eCommerce website and in the event that they are lured, they won’t make a purchase just because a site looks good. What is important is that the site has the kind of design that facilitates a shopper friendly experience. Its design elements must come together to enhance the appeal of the products that are being sold on the site. Only then will the website have any chance of becoming profitable.

Must Deliver an Enjoyable Experience

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Everybody wants their site to delight the end user, but as can be imagined, if every eCommerce website delighted its users, you wouldn’t have a loss making eCommerce website. But this isn’t the case, as there are plenty of sites that end up being failures. There are plenty of reasons why an eCommerce website fails to generate revenue, but one of the critical reasons is that users are unable to enjoy its use. What this means is that the design is neither appealing nor functional.

The design of an eCommerce website should be a fine balance of visual appeal and superior functionality. This will enable website visitors to make optimum use of the website. One of the ways of bringing this about is by keeping things simple and straightforward. You should use only those design elements that will make the shopping process simple and fast. The structure of your design should be product centric, wherein the emphasis is on the products and not only anything else. Shoppers enjoy the experience of using a website, when they are able making an informed decision regarding the products and/or services being sold on the website.

Logical, Practical and Informative Payment Process

Payment is the final step in a shopping cycle. In fact each and every action preempted by the eCommerce website, is made with one aim – To click on the ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Make Payment;’ button of whatever it has been named. There are many cases wherein the prospective customers have abandoned the shopping carts just because the payment process is unclear. This is why it’s important that designers also focus their attention on designing a payment process that is intuitive and which does not confuse the shoppers in any way or form. In fact it must be so convenient that shoppers are able to make their payments in double quick time, but at the same time, must have no doubts as to its security.

So, here they are – Three essential tips that designers can keep in mind to design an eCommerce website that is profitable. But these are not the only tips that need to be kept in mind. Great eCommerce website design only happens if the various pieces of the puzzle come together in a neat little package. An astute designer never stops searching for and implementing tips that will help improve their designs.

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