3 Major Advantages of Pairing Online Marketing and Printing Services

While we have seen a boom online marketing, social media marketing and the importance of effective website design, this does not mean that we should forget other mediums to communicate with our customers and potential customers. Printing and related gift productions are excellent tools to complement our marketing activities. When done correctly, and making sure we are targeting well, printed and related materials can be very supportive to our Internet-based communications. Here is a look at some real and tangible benefits.

  • Customer reach. Facebook marketing is very popular. Facebook claims to have over 700 million users. That still leaves a lot of people who are not using Facebook, and a lot of people who are still not using the Internet. They may not have access, or they might not even know how to use a computer well. There are still a lot of people on the planet outside of Facebook and that comparison can directly translate to our target market.
  • Customer association. Print media advertising is still very different to that of online advertising. When someone is reading a magazine they love, they associate with it very differently than they do with something they see on their personal computer. Daily newspapers have credibility and there is nothing like reading something on paper. Adverts in these locations can enhance brand association. When someone is exposed to adverts from different angles, such as in a magazine, then a newspaper, and then online, they will have a higher retention. Many studies have shown consumers are more likely to associate with, and remember communications when they see them on different media. Different websites may help, but do not have the same effect. Big companies for this very reason often choose a billboard, TV, print media and online combination marketing campaign.

online marketing advantages

  • Customer relationships. With a small amount of investigation you will soon realise that printing services include much more than business cards and posters. Novelty and customer gifts are very effective to show thanks, while having an item that carries your company’s brand and information (including URL). High quality items that a customer or potential customer can use everyday, such as a simple coffee cup, can be extremely cost effective, generate a relationship, and last for a very long time.
  • Customer awareness. Printed items are easier for people to read and absorb. Printed items will last for a long time. How many times have you seen an older magazine, business card or other printed object lying around? They will keep reinforcing your brand, message, contact details and your web address for communication in the future. Even a coffee cup in an office will influence more than the user. Gift pens float around for a very long time. This awareness is very important.

These are not the limit of what can be done by combining print media and online activities. It is up to the business owner to come up with creative ways to make the most out of their budget, and drive more business.

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