4 Flexible Bid Strategies Of AdWords

Knowing how to use Google Adwords effectively is one of the surefire ways for you to ensure campaign success.  Using it to its full potential will help you make certain that whatever it is you want to promote, goes out to the right audience, and a bunch of them.

Strategies involving Adwords used to be a whole lot confusing, especially for the first timers.  Yet now, changes in Google Adwords have made everything simpler and campaigns easier.  Putting it simply, you can now use the same strategy from your keywords, to your ad groups, and finally to your campaign.

Now, managing and promoting campaigns using Adwords is made less complicated with the use of these 4 flexible bid strategies below:

Bid Strategies of AdWords

  • eCPC or Enhanced Cost per Click: While this strategy still is done manually, the main difference here is that now you have the choice to adjust your bid this time.  You can either lower it down or set it higher, depending on its possibility for conversion.  Seems familiar?  Yes, because this is just like the already available enhanced cost per click out on the market today.
  • Target Search Page Location: This strategy is almost the same with the position preference.  What makes it different is that you can set it for whatever preference you may have.  You can set it to govern all ad campaigns, or just the specific ones for specific keywords too.  The end result is that you achieve your desired average position by adjusting the bids, and put yourself on the page you want to be on Google Search.  This should be used for those vying for the top spots in the Search Results or those who want to be on the first page always.

maximize clicks

  • Maximize Clicks: From the phrase itself, this strategy will adjust your bids within your specific budget.  This is a lot like automatic bidding, which still is used by many.  Just the same, it can be used according to your preference, whether you choose to use it for all ad groups, or specific ones only.  This is the best strategy to use for those who put a lot of weight into site visits and traffic while within a certain budget.
  • CPA or Target Cost per Acquisition:  A lot like the conversion optimizer, this helps you get to tweak your bids on Adwords so that you get the most number of conversions within your Cost per Acquisition target.  Still, this can be done for all or for specific ad groups, campaigns, and keywords.  This is best for those who want to get a lot of conversions with their CPA.

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By using one of these flexible bid strategies, you have control over your multiple campaigns.  Even with automated bidding, there are still a lot of options to choose from.  With these strategies, you can choose when and where you want it (all or within a specific part of a campaign).  An ultimate control over your campaigns is given to you, so you decide how you want Google Adwords work for you.


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