5 Best Tools for Blogging On The Go

Blogging is a good way to earn money online. You can good amount to add a little more in your income. Blogging requires you to keep stick to your computer or laptop. But sometimes you can’t have time to say in front of your PC and to do your blogging. This mostly happens with the bloggers who keep travelling. Well, in such cases your smart phones can help you because smartphones are easily portable and mostly the only gadgets with you while on the move.

There are many apps designed for smartphones that allow you to do basic blogging works while staying away from your PC. In this post, I am going to list the best apps for the same purpose. The apps are available on all the major mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

So, there’s no need to worry about the compatibility of your smart phone again with these apps. Let us have a look on these blogging apps because they are sure to help you skyrocket your blog to the top – no matter the niche you are targeting; be it technology niche or finance niche, having these tools available at your disposal will help in keeping your blogging activities moving fine.

Tools to Blog on The Go

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Blogger CMS

As most of the newbies like to start their blogging carrier from the Blogger so this app is good for them. Free blogging platform ‘Blogger’ has developed official Blogger app for all the smartphones. Having this app installed on your system allows you to perform the basic blogging tasks from your smartphone. You can save the titles, edit the posts, reply to comments and can add little info about your new article.

WordPress CMS

If you are in the field of blogging from past some time, then you must be having your blog on the self-hosted blogging platform, ‘WordPress’.  For all the WordPress users, WordPress is the app that deserves space on your smart phones. This app allows you to add some basic info about the new post, edit the previous posts, approve or delete comments and reply to comments as well. If you are having your blog running on this platform, then you cannot avoid downloading the official WordPress app for your smartphone.

Gmail Email Account

Having an account on Gmail is not like any ordinary Email service. By signing up on Gmail you get access to hundreds of services offered by search giant Google. One such service is Google Alert. This is probably the best service for bloggers offered by Google. In this, you can set up new alerts about the keyword of your choice and you will instantly start receiving updates about it. This is the best way to get new ideas for new posts in your blog. Well, receiving new ideas in your inbox, while on the go, is really an enjoyable service.

Social Media Apps

Being a blogger, you need to be active in the social media. Building brand name for your blog in the social media and to have good relations with other blogger, you need to be socially active. Social Media apps for your smartphone can do the task easier for you. By installing social media apps on your favorite gadget, you can stay social while on the move. There are many social networking sites and their corresponding apps for every smart phone. All are good can be used on your smartphone, but official Facebook and Twitter apps are must have for every blogger as both these sites are the best in terms of popularity and traffic.

Instant Messaging Apps

If you have your blogger friends in added in instant messengers, then instant messaging apps are also good for ‘On the Go’ blogging purpose. You can either download the official apps or can also go for all in One Instant Messaging apps.


These are the great blogging tools that you need to have while you were blogging on the go, but before we continue, I have recently covered some other tools while I was on a trip in a post on my iphone 5 blog last month, so, I have shared few of them with you now. More of these are coming in coming weeks from me as well for you, the awesome readers of this great technology site.

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