5 Best Ways To Make Money Blogging

Blogging is the new technique which is more popular these days.Daily we can find hundreds of blogs are created in online but the main reason for the people to make money online.According to me blogging is the best and easiest way to make money online.Many ways are available in online to make money with your blog but some are listed below

1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is also an way to make money with your blog on internet. A combination of your blog with affiliate marketing, you can get a good deal. But there are some things you have to  keep in your mind, while the selection of affiliate products. Don’t always try to go for products which will pay higher commission. Choose only the products which you believe is useful to your readers and do not generate interest and write about products with affiliate links in them. Now that you’ve done the hard work. If your criticism is good and if the product takes the reader, then you can make lots of money with affiliate marketing.

2. Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is one of the best method to monetize your blog,no need to spend time to make money.All you have to do is just sign up for google adsense and once it approved.Just copy and paste the ad code in your blog.if your blog has rich content with constant driving traffic towards your blog,you can earn a good amount of money with Adsense.

make money blogging tips

3. Pay Per Post:

Pay Per Post is the other method to make money blogging.There are many people available in online and looking for someone to write an review about the product and to promote them on online community.Those people will love to pay for those articles.So if you are a blogger you can utilize those offers and make money by writing reviews on your blog.

4. Direct Advertising:

Direct advertising is the easy way to make money with your blog if you have an excellent blog in your niche with lots of readers. So the first step goes visitors to your blog. If your site is related to the interest of your reader or service, then there is every chance you get direct advertising offers from them. Only with the publication of their ads in your blogs, you can make lots of money.

5. Selling Your Product Or Service:

Make money blogging is and easy but if you have to sell your own products or services. But only by promoting them in your blog, you can use your products or you can get more customers for your services, so you can make money online. But this will only happen if you have lots of fans of your blog. In an attempt to promote your products or services, when you get lots of followers. If your fans are interested in your article, then they are certainly curious to see what you sell.

There are many other ways available to make money with a blog.But this are the best ways to make money with your blog.


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