5 Common Beginner Mistakes To Avoid With Your Blog

Blogging is really fun but getting started might seem quite overwhelming. There are so many guides on the internet that tell you to do all sorts of different things in order to get your blog to succeed.This might seem really daunting but setting up a blog doesn’t need to be too difficult. In order to succeed you should try to avoid making these five very common mistakes.

Just avoiding these can get you off to a successful start.

1. Choosing A Boring Name

The name of your blog is really important and you do want to spend some time figuring it out.

It is important that you keep it simple, memorable and that your blog’s name somehow shows what the blog is all about.

Try brainstorming some name ideas and ask your friends and family for some advice. Keep in mind that you want the domain name and the blog name to be similar or exactly the same so people don’t find it confusing.

2. Using Auto-Loading Music

A really simple way of having a great looking blog is by keeping the design simple. This also means that you need to avoid adding any kind of auto-loading music onto the blog or any other such gimmick. Having music playing without the reader accepting it can really make sure they never come back to your website again.

All in all, you don’t need to add these sort of special features to your blog, especially at the start. This is because you want to win people over with the written content and not some fancy design tricks.

blogging mistakes

3. Plagiarising Text And Photos

The internet is full of content and it might sometimes seem hard to know who is responsible for creating what and what are you able to use freely. It is really important that you don’t copy other people’s content without permission or without an acknowledgement of the real content creator on your blog.

There are some good tips for avoiding plagiarism at this Make Use Of article. Take these tips on board and always reference back to the original article or picture if you choose to use those as part of your blog.

4. Forgetting To Optimise Your Content

You also cannot forget about optimising your content, especially for better publicity. You don’t need to become the master of SEO (search engine optimisation) but you do want to know enough of in order to use it as a part of your blogging strategy.

This is because effective use of keywords can help you create better content while also getting more online visibility for your blog.

Various SEO software tools can help you make this process easier and more automated. So consider getting them and transform your blog for the better.

5. Neglecting Content Planning

You want to have a plan for publishing new content regularly. At the start you might have a lot of post ideas and if you have the time and energy then write these posts ready as soon as possible. You can queue your posts and having some extra ones waiting can guarantee you don’t get bored and panicked when you are supposed to publish a new one


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