5 Deadly Internet Marketing Mistakes That Can Kill Your Business

If you are an affiliate marketer, professional blogger or even have a small business company, you are oriented on the Internet Marketing promotion. You need to carefully run your online campaign because you can’t allow yourself to jeopardize your potential for success.  Here is my conclusion about five most common mistakes IM newbies, even some veterans do. Although they may have great money making ideas, it can all be ruined if they make these mistakes.

Tell me Something More About Your Website

Is your website a self-hosted? If it is not, then it is unprofessional. You can’t grow your online business with non self hosted websites. It looks amateurish.

Also, you need to have a professionally designed site. Poor usability and bad web design can harm your website big time. People are judging you and your business by quality of your web design because it is their first impression. If you want to save money, that is fine, but don’t save money on a web design.

Do You Often Update Your Blog with Fresh and Unique Content

internet marketing mistakes

I have seen many IM veterans make this mistake. When you have a website, you need to maintain it often. If you don’t have any new information to offer to your visitors, there will be no recurring visitors. On the other hand, if you engage your visitors with fresh content on a daily or at least weekly basis (I recommend at least 2-3 blog posts every week), you will create a visitor’s habit to browse your website more often. More visits means increasing rankings in Google. Better rankings means more new visitors. More new visitors means more potential clients or customers.

Not Using Google Analytics

I can’t stress enough how much is this important for your website. With Google Analytics you can track every kind of data. You can check what keywords brought visitors to your website, you can see your visitor’s  demographics. You can also check what pages were visited more often, then you can improve your website based on the data provided by Google analytics. The best part – Google analytics is free and it is very intuitive. You don’t need to be a Jedi WebMaster to track data for your website.

A Bunch of Flash and Graphics on Your Website

Ok, maybe it is interesting to you if your website looks like a Christmas tree, but believe me, people don’t like it at all. Flash can decrease a speed of loading for your website. Visitors don’t like it. If your server is too slow you will also lose many potential clients. Check the speed of your website.

SEO? What is that?

It is always surprising when I see a website obviously designed for a business purpose, without any SEO on it.

What is SEO? SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. You need to optimize your website in order to achieve higher rankings in search engines. Roughly, we can divide SEO into two parts: onpage and offpage SEO.

Onpage SEO means proper optimization for your website. You need to have a titles and description for each page, h tags, img alt tags. It also helps a lot if you install a sitemap and have a robots.txt. This helps Google to easier crawl your website. I don’t need to mention an importance of high quality content on your website, properly optimized for keywords you want to rank for.

Offpage SEO is also called link building. You need to promote your website. There are various link building methods – posting in forums and blogs related to your business, guest posting on other blogs, infographics, video marketing, social signals, etc.

I hope these tips will help your business to grow. If you have ideas of how to make money online, and you are considering to build a website and promote it, don’t forget this advice.

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