5 Facebook Games That Can Teach You to Save Better!

Facebook games are a big deal in the modern world. Various free-to-play games draw many players, and are often scrutinized as such. Yet there is a lot to learn from these games, with many having strict methods to make sure players can’t go overboard.

Translating these lessons into real life, you can discover a lot of tips and advice on how to save money and build up a decent savings pot. This isn’t as strange as it sounds; many of the games feature their own currency. To this end, here are five Facebook games, and the lessons they can teach you.

 1) Farmville

One of the most famous games on Facebook, Farmville offers all the lessons of traditional farming. The key to growth, even with finances, is patience. By checking in daily and carefully tending to your crops, Farmville rewards you with a growing, successful farm.

Likewise, by checking your money regularly and tending or adding to the savings pot, you can slowly and steadily grow your savings account. Little additions here and there can add up very quickly, after all.

2) CityVille

This is true of any the “ville” games made by Zynga, yet the point is important. All these games have the player start with nothing, and through continual play grow their ‘business’ to finish with a lot.

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This is an important aspect of saving, as the goal is to grow your money as much as you can. To this end you should not be put off by the size of the account when you start. If you give it time and stick to your commitment to save, you will build up a healthy amount of savings.

3) Restaurant City

One of the many restaurant or café simulations available, Restaurant City has many great lessons about balancing and accounting. The running of a business has many financial lessons in itself, but the simple act of balancing and monitoring everything at once can be a valuable lesson of how to handle a savings account.

There is often a lot going on, from income to outcome, not to mention actually finding time to save. So simply learning to juggle more than one thing at once can be an important life lesson.

4) Penny Drop

This is perhaps the best game available for your finances, as it actually rewards you financially rather than simply teaching. Penny drop allows you to gather ‘blue tokens’ daily, and use them to obtain various discounts and deals that you can use in the real world.. You can also gather more through sharing with friends.

This works in a similar fashion to various deal companies; by getting more people interested, the price of the product can go down slightly. The company still gains in profit, but you as an individual get a cheaper offer.

5) YoVille

YoVille offers various financial lessons in that it encourages people, as their avatar, to work for in-game currency, although this is limited so you can’t constantly work for money. This is perhaps one of the more harsh lessons, but it is important nonetheless; YoVille teaches players to manage with the money they have.

By limiting the amount you can earn, YoVille encourages players to plan practically, and save money when they need it. The real life lessons for this practice should be plain to see.


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