5 Great Uses for YouTube

YouTube can occupy your time for hours. It is so versatile and offers so many features for users. Whether you are posting content or checking out content, there is something that meets your interests on the website.


You can figure out how to do anything on YouTube. Just type your question and you can learn how to do smokey eye make-up, play a song on the guitar, or even french braid. They are free tutorials and if you were to go to another website or take a class, you would most likely have to pay. This is user-generated content, so some tutorials are better than others. Your best bet is finding a user with high ratings and that is experienced with how-to videos.

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There are all kinds of video reviews online. Users test out products and try on different outfits to see which ones they like the best. Assuming the users are giving the reviews for free and for the benefit of other users, these can be incredibly useful. You can comment on their reviews if you agree or disagree with the product review. Although you have to be careful because some comments can be incredibly rude, but there are very genuine ones, as well.


There is so much music content on YouTube. Most bands have a YouTube account or you can watch cover videos from users. There are also lyrical videos and music videos if you prefer those methods of listening to music also.

Share a Laugh

There are thousands of funny videos looking to be the next viral video on YouTube. If you are looking for a laugh, your best bet is YouTube. It can be video that is already viral or something within your interest. Type in anything that would be funny to you, and you will probably come up with some pretty crazy stuff. If you like what you see, share it on your Facebook to spread the content!

Watch TV or Movies

YouTube also offers videos either TV stations post, or that users “illegally” post. If you are looking for something to watch, YouTube is your best bet for a free show. You may find your next favorite TV show or short clips. You can subscribe to channels that consistently post new content. Some post on a weekly basis, while others post monthly. Either way, you will be notified if you are subscribed to their YouTube channel.

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