5 Highly Important Tips for Newbie Bloggers

Are you blogging for the first time? If you want to make money with your first blog, you have to understand the rules in blogging. First of all, blogging is about sharing, not making money. So, even though your goal is to make money, sharing is the first thing that you need to do.

If you’re a newbie blogger that want to be serious with your blog and make your blog a good money maker, here are 5 highly important tips for newbie bloggers:

1. Blog in a niche that you know and passionate about

When you choose a niche for your blog, choose a niche that you know and passionate about. Why? That’s because blogging is about sharing, and you can’t share something that you don’t know and not passionate about. When you choose the right niche for your blog, the rest of your blogging journey will be smooth. You don’t need to deal with difficulties in blogging such as how to come up with good content for your blog because you will have many ideas to share.

2. Put your promotion later

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Many newbies fall into the trap of putting advertisements too early. This is one thing that you should avoid. Putting your promotion too early will only make your blog look less reputable and amateurish. Of course, people won’t regard your blog as they regard professional blogs if you do this. If you want to build reputation, you have to refrain from advertising too early.

3. Focus on content building in the first three months

Whatever your niche, give three months for your blog to develop content. During these three months, you should post regular content according to your schedule. If you want to publish content daily, then you should publish regular content daily to your blog during these three months. If you want to publish content weekly, then you should do this. Remember that the content should be free from advertisements, and you should also refrain from putting ads in your blog during this timeframe. You need to do this to build good readership in your blog and attract organic traffic from the search engines.

4. Post guest posts to other blogs only when you have established content

Posting guest posts is a part of your blogging activities, and you should make sure that your guest posts are posted when your blog is ready to receive traffic from other blogs. Your guest posts will attract traffic from other blogs that will increase your readership, and that’s why you should only do this after you have established content in your blog. In this way, people that come to your blog from other blogs will regard your blog as a valuable blog to read. This will increase the chance for them to become your loyal readers.

5. Keep a low profile, and keep delivering content to your readers

Remember to always respond to your readers’ comments and keep a low profile because it will greatly help you to establish good reputation. Also, do not skip or stop delivering content to your readers. You have to blog consistently in order to attract your readers to come back again to your blog.

Those are 5 highly important tips for newbie bloggers that you should pay attention. If you want to build a successful blog the first time you start blogging, those tips will help you.

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