5 Reasons Why Students Should Start A Blog

Students tend to start a lot of things in school and college, such as music lessons, drug addictions and families. So, starting a blog may not be a top priority. But, the guy at the back of the class, who always smells like rendered pig fat and chewed tobacco keeps telling you that students should start a blog. So, does shotgun Irvine the smelly class outcast have a point? Is there a plus side to blogging that students can take advantage of? This article tries to figure it out.

1 – It can be used as a very good revision tool 

Going over something carefully is a good thing–unless you are a road markings painter on an active highway. Revision is often a case of skim reading through your text books until you fall asleep or you find something better to do such as picking your nose and wiping it on the inside of your dads clean pants in the laundry.

Revising with a blog will mean you are able to read your text books, re-configure the information and apply it to your blog post. It brings a whole new mental process into revising, and you still have your blog post as a testament to your work.

You may also put your blog posts into words that you can relate to and understand. This will mean that if you review your blog posts at a later date, then you will be able to recall the information better. They actually become revision tools in themselves that you can use in conjunction with your textbooks.

2 – It can show employers that you have really learned your stuff 

Your future employers may not be so impressed with your Facebook pictures showing how many chili burgers you can stuff in your mouth, or the pictures of you in a two piece at your nannies funeral. What they may appreciate is some sort of proof that you did not pay a Middle Eastern writing company do to all of your essays for you. They may also like proof that daddy didn’t sponsor the professor to give you a passing grade.

student blogger

You can prove that you did your work with a blog. Weekly blog posts that are dated, will act as a historic log of all that you have learned over your academic life. They may click any post and check how good you are. It will actually add a lot of credibility to your assertion that you love the discipline that you have chosen, and that you are quite good at it.

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3 – Writing about your discipline will often firm up your understanding of it 

Getting firm whilst in front of your computer is only natural. In-fact that is how most young men spend their teenage years. However, you will also notice that as your write about a concept, you begin to understand it more clearly. When you take what you know and force yourself to apply it to something else (even a blog), then you force your brain to either understand it or point out your weak points. You may then plug up your weaker areas (if you have any).

4 – It helps you practice touch typing and sentence syntax 

It is better to be touch-typing rather than touching typists, because it will just make the court reporter angry as you feel her up during your court case. Touch typing is a valuable skill these days and the faster you are then the more valuable you are. Whether you are translating a language or creating a marketing report, it is better that you are a fast typist and good at forming a sentence. Blogging is going to help you to do this.

5 – It is a better hobby than dealing drugs 

Dealing drugs is a bad thing–especially when you are bad at it and start selling Aspirins to undercover cops who laugh you out of the station. As hobbies go, you are probably not going to regret it. Blogging is surely going to be better than a match stick model or stamp collecting. We all have hobbies, for psychological reasons that are too diverse to get into with just one article. Of all of them, blogging is not a bad one to choose.

Blogging will pass the time, but if you are going to spend that time watching TV or throwing eggs at your neighbor’s windows, then isn’t blogging a better idea? After all, you get a written record of all the things that you wrote, so it is not like you are completely wasting your time.


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