5 Things that Should Make You Excited About Google Fiber

Google unveiled a lightning-fast internet network service known as Google Fiber, to be offered in Kansas City, Mo. and Kansas City, Kan. Google Fiber has everything instantaneous. This service will get to you via your fiberhood.Google has divided the city into small communities that have been dubbed fiberhoods, with each community requiring pre-registering of the resident majority in order to acquire the service.Installations are set to begin in September, and the fiberhoods having the highest percentage of registrations will be among the first to receive Google Fiber.

The packages, pricing and other details as of Google Fiber that were unveiled as follows are all reasons to excite you if you live in Kansas City.

1. Gigabites at the cost of regular broadband

Google Fiber is ultra-fast, with speeds of up to 1000Mbps. This is ten 100 times as fast as the speed of average broadband connections. You can buy Google Fiber as an internet + television package for a monthly charge of 120$ or as an internet service for a monthly charge of 70$. Besides these two packages, the search engine giant is also rolling out a virtually free internet service except for an installation fee of $300. This will be available for a monthly charge of $12 for the first year.

2. Broadband solution

google fibre

There are some Kansas areas that have no broadband access and these areas amount to 25% of the total Kansas area. If you reside here, there is no more cause for worries because Google Fiber has a package of 1Mbps upload speeds and 5Mbps download speeds, which is free for the next seven years upon paying an installation charge of $300.

3. Free components of the Google Fiber TV package

When you sign up on the $120 per month Google Fiber TV package as a two-year contract, you will get free devices to enhance your experience. There is a DVR box that will allow you to record up to eight television channels simultaneously. On board is a 2TB memory to facilitate your data storage. There is also a network box, whose function is essentially that of a modem. This device has an 802.11 Wi-Fi access point and four Ethernet inputs. It attaches to a fiberjack in the wall. You also get a TV box device that will enable you to connect all the televisions in your home. It has Bluetooth, a Wi-Fi access point, HGMI output and Ethernet output.

4. A free Nexus tablet

The TV service package will come with a Google Nexus 7 tablet that will serve as a remote. It is currently unclear, however, whether the tablet will be the 8GB or 16GB model. There is also speculation of subscribers getting a ChromeBook for $299, which is a discounted price.

5. Unlimited data

The amazing uploading and downloading speed of 1000 megabytes per second is made even more exciting by the absence of caps or start marks on the amount of data you can transfer. In a world characterized by ridiculous levels of capping speeds, you will, therefore, be able to enjoy unlimited data uploading and downloading at a guaranteed 1Gbps speed.

The access speed of Google Fiber is certainly at par with the phenomenal increases in storage capacity and computing power that has spurred the technological innovations witnessed over the last decade. With speeds that are this blazing-fast, you will experience little or none of buffering, loading and waiting. You can access the TV channel listings on the Google Fiber website.


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