5 Tips to Properly Hang Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a very convenient way to give your walls a makeover without having to spend a lot of money or time. Now there are so many designs and colors available in wallpapers which make them a very attractive option for decorating the walls. Wallpapers are not very difficult to hang and can be easily done if two people can jointly work on the task. Here are 5 tips to hang wallpaper properly:

1. Measure the Walls and Be Prepared

The first thing to do is measure the entire area on which you plan to hang the wallpaper. Wallpaper is available in square footage, so add up the length and multiply it by the height to get the total square footage of the area you want to hang the wallpaper on.

Now buy the wallpaper based on your calculation. Seek the assistance of the salesperson if there is any confusion at all. You don?t want to end up with less wallpaper and take another trip to the hardware store only to find out they have run out of your design. Buy other materials that will be used to hang the wallpaper like glue, sandpaper, towel, wallpaper primer, cutter, etc.

2. Prepare the Walls

Turn of the room?s electricity, remove the covers of all electricity outlets and cover them with tape for safety. Clean the wall with a damp towel and use sandpaper to even out any uneven surfaces. Then apply wallpaper primer on the walls to protect them from the wallpaper glue. Walls are damaged when wallpaper is stripped off the walls. A primer may sound like useless extra work, but it is a very important step.

wallpaper hanging tips

3. Prepare Pre-pasted Wallpaper

Roll out the wallpaper with the print facing downwards. Measure the height of the wall and mark it on the back side of the wallpaper. Match the pattern and then cut it accordingly.Pre-pasted wallpaper is the best choice as it comes with the wallpaper paste already applied to it and just has to be soaked in a water pan. Make sure you check the immersion time mentioned on the label. When the immersion time is complete, slowly pull out the wallpaper from the water and let it unroll. Now the wallpaper is ready for pasting.

4. Start Hanging the Wallpaper

Choose a corner of the room that is inconspicuous and start from there. The advantage of this is that even if you make a mistake in matching the pattern, it would be hidden in a corner of the room.
Start hanging the wallpaper from the ceiling. Leave a little excess wallpaper at the ceiling and bottom of the wall that will be trimmed later.

5. Remove Air Bubbles and Put the Electricity Cover back

Smooth the wallpaper with your hand starting from one edge and moving outwards. Remove any air bubbles using a damp sponge. Trim the excess wallpaper using a putty knife and a cutter. Make sure you clean away any paste from the floor and ceiling. Place the covers back on the electricity sockets and your room is now good as new!

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