5 Ways To Get Approved On Buysellads

Online businesses have been increasing day by day. The profits in this platform are never- ending.  The webmasters are leading front by creating various websites and blogs. Each and every blogger will have few expectations on the blog by earning some profits and reputation.

If these desires are not satisfied with the user, they might not like blogging. To earn such qualities the website should be advertised properly. Concentrate on general niches like gaming, fashion, earning etc. Such activities are more preferred than the daily Forex market and current affairs. To make your firm highlighted every blogger must prefer Buy Sell Ads which is an ad spot giving site to get approved. Getting approved by the clients should meet many requirements.

So let us know the best 5 ways to get approved:

buysellads approval

  1. Ensure your blog is as old as possible. New blogs will not receive any comments. For that the BSA may not approve recent ones. Have patience; let your blog be at least 3 months old. Even the Alexa rank is responsible for the BSA terms. Try getting more traffic so that you needn’t try hard for the Alexa rank.
  2. People opt for blogspot.com for free blogs and try to get traffic. This will never work. Try getting your own domain name with the extension.com, .info or .net. The Buy Sell Ads will send a message ‘your blog is declined’ if you won’t have such. So try for a better and attractive domain name which can help you.
  3. When you have submitted the blog to the Buy Sell Ads and got a message back with declining status. Never get tensed that they will not approve it, but there are still many chances for you to get accepted in future. Hence keep on trying till you get a message with an approved status.
  4. As you make fresh contents and pick up fresh topics the ratings and traffic of the site will increase. As we know content is king, information here is given much importance. Try to make it unique and attractive. This will aid you much. Such tasks will gain more traffic and can be approved by the BSA.
  5. Give your blog a perfect picture which can make your blog look clean and good. Don’t insert many videos or numerous images which makes it a mess. Keep it sweet and simple. It should attract the visitor when he visits the blog. It should be in an appealing way. So customize your blog and keep it clean.

So as we know getting approval from the Buy Sell Ads is not an easy task. Due to certain manual errors, after having the qualification also getting the approval will be failed. Every application of yours is considered by the BSA and is carefully examined. So by overall monetisation and for high traffic sites, the BSA will be beneficial for all the new publishers and advertisers.


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