5 Ways to Use Your iPad to Make Exercise More Fun

Even though it is extremely important to our overall health, exercise can feel like a chore at times. However, by utilizing the latest technology, you can make it an exciting part of your day. In this article, I will be detailing 5 ways to spice up your workout regimen using your iPad or similar tablet computer.

#1: Listen to music: You can use your iPad’s expansive internal memory to store a tremendous library of music. Pick an album that will last about as long as your workout will. Alternately, you could build a custom play list. As you progress through the songs, you will know how far you are through your workout routine. The music will help to keep you motivated and distract you from the “work” of exercise.

#2. Watch a movie: Your iPad is able to play high-definition movies and even black-and-white cinema classics. A two-hour workout period is perfect for watching a good film. If you prefer to exercise in shorter bursts, you can also load your iPad with individual episodes of your favorite television programs.

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#3. Browse Social Media: If you are at a gym or other location where you can place your iPad on a steady surface, you can browse the web while you burn calories. A great place to do this is the treadmill, exercise bike or elliptical trainer. You can plug in your headphones to avoid bothering anyone else around you. Rather than be distracted by social media updates while you are working or studying, why not take the time to enjoy them as you work out?

#4. Play a Game: There are thousands of games available for the iPad and Android-based tablets. If you can place your iPad somewhere steady, you can play nearly every one of them while using fitness equipment. That assumes, of course, that you have a hand or two free. Some games only use the iPad’s accelerometer to tilt the game field around. Therefore, you can use some of them while you’re walking or jogging. Some games are even specialized to integrate with your workout.

#5: Track your Fitness Stats: iPad applications are available that can use the iPad’s onboard sensors to judge how fast you are walking. They are also able to compute the approximate number of calories you have burned so far. These apps can log your data so that you can review it later on your iPad or home computer. If you feel like taking an unusual route, use your iPad’s GPS-enabled mapping feature to find your way.

The iPad makes it easier than ever to stay healthy and have fun doing it!

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