6 Android Apps You Need For Your Small Business

Running a small business manages to consume more time and energy than any Fortune 500 CEO ever dreamed of. Small business owners are responsible for everything from production and shipping, to whether the office gets cleaned. They often don’t have the staff to delegate many of these responsibilities. But Android app developers seem to get it because they realize small business owners need to be able to do more work on the go, do it quicker, needs to be easier, and without extra expenses. Here are your must-have Android apps to get things done right.

1. Documents To Go

The free version of this app is pretty useful. It allows you to view all your Word and Excel documents right from your smartphone or tablet. The paid version gives you even more power, allowing you to view, upload, download, edit, and sync documents in Word, Excel, Google Docs, Adobe, and Power Point.

documents to go

The full feature version is almost as powerful as the desktop versions of these software packages. Over 750,000 people use the paid version, and over 25 million have downloaded the free version. This DataViz app gets 4 out of 5 stars from users, with over half of the users rating it five (excellent).

2. PocketCloud Remote RDP/VNC

If you’re constantly needing to access your desktop computer from your Android device, PocketCloud is perfect for you. It lets you connect any Android tablet or smartphone to your desktop, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can control the computer remotely, just as if you were sitting back at your desk.

pocketcloud remote

The free version is sufficient for most users, but a paid version gives you extra features if you need them. You can run apps and access files, and the app is designed to keep your mobile devices and desktop computers secure while you do it. Users rated this app 4.5 out of 5 stars, and previous updates have virtually eliminated bugs in the app.

3. Droid Scan Pro

Droid Scan Pro


Do you snap photos of whiteboards or notes to save for later viewing? This app converts your Android device into a scanner so you can scan and save virtually anything to review later, share with a colleague, or file for your records. Droid Scan Pro lets you convert these snapshots into PDF files. It is a paid app, but you can test it out first for free. This app by Trans-code Design received 3.8 out of 5 stars from reviewers, and is compatible with Google Cloud Print.

4. Cloud Print

cloud print


One of the hardest things to do on the go is print a document, but Google’s Cloud Print fixes this issue for free. Cloud Print lets you print any document right from your Android device, and works with virtually any printer available. You can share printers with other workers, print SMS text messages, print to your contacts, create and print drawings, print email, print webpages, print from your clipboard, and much more. This app gets 4.6 out of 5 stars from users, after 1.5 million downloads.

5. Box



Box is a free alternative to the Dropbox app, allowing you to access documents from multiple computers and devices. It also allows you to share, work on documents simultaneously with others, and make comments on the documents. Box offers more features than Dropbox (which is also free), but it is also more complicated to use. If you’ve used Dropbox for awhile and need more features and functions, try Box. Users gave it 4.4 out of 5 stars, and 92 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Box for their purposes, largely due to the security the app provides.

6. Android Task/ToDo List

android task


Keeping up with what you need to do and when you need to do it consumes more of a small business owner’s time than anything else. This to-do list is free, and allows you to create and manage your list of important tasks. There are however, a couple of paid plug-ins available for the app that are worth considering. Astrid Power Pack is available, which gives you the ability to add a task by voice and create voice reminders for the items on your lists. The Astrid Locale plug-in makes your task manager and to-do list aware of your location.

There are lots of apps out there, but you should use caution when downloading any app on your Android device. If you don’t recognize the developer, check user reviews and ratings, and read the user comments to see why they chose to post negative or positive comments about the app. Periodically purge apps you’re not using from the phone, and backup regularly so you won’t lose data if an app corrupts the operating system. Now you know you know the most important apps and how to use them properly.

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