6 blogging killers that are stopping you from making money

There are many ambitious writers in the blogging space and few of them have really made it big. Most bloggers think of it as a profession and wish to make enough money from blogging so that they can live on it. Unfortunately, not many bloggers do. What prevents them to reach the pinnacle of blogging success in spite of working at it? Here is a list of 6 blogging killers that keep you away from the money you deserve.

1. Too much focus on money

There are certain universal laws of success and they work in blogging too. If you want to be successful, you must have something to offer and you must have a service attitude. Providing quality service is the only way you make money whether it is in blogging or outside it. If you have a monetary goal and that is what goes on your mind all the time, it is difficult for your blog to be a success.

2. Wanting too much too quick

blogging killers

Stories of successful bloggers are inspiring but one must not demand the same from his own blog. If you want the success that others have got, learn and be willing to do the work they have done. Without it, wanting to get rich quick overnight is just a dream.

3. Lacking the discipline and commitment to succeed

Success definitely requires some discipline and commitment. Take time to create a strategy and a plan and then stick to it until it is completely executed. If you are influenced too easily and keep changing your plans every second day, it is not going to work. Remember blogging is a serious profession and not a quick money making scheme. It does take determination and enthusiasm to create a blog and run it well.

4. Not Taking action and making it right

Thinking or reading about it doesn’t do it, doing it does. Yes you should take out time to keep yourself updated and to network, but that should not be all you do. Do what is required and do lots of it. Don’t be too busy to work on your blog and don’t be too lazy to do it.

5. Not investing money at the right place

Just throwing around some dollars is not the best way to popularize your blog. Know where to spend your money and how to get the best ROI from it. See what is essential and then pay for it. If you are just starting out, count every dime that you spend and spend it wisely.

6. You think you cannot make it

You have all the necessary skills of a successful blogger and you work hard at it. But what goes on in your mind is very important. If you feel like one day you will make it, most probably you will.

It is a matter of few rights and wrongs to be a problogger or not. This might be another article that talks about making money through blogging but if you really work towards the 6 points mentioned above, you can surely reach new heights with your blog.

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