6 Exceptionally Handy JavaScript Libraries to Have in Your Kitty

A heady software platform for the taking, Java continues to barrel along, embraced with full fervor by the developer communities. Transfiguring the software development ambit for ever, Java has been stirring powerful waves of change with a nuanced effect. 

And when it comes to the Java developers, they have been aided by a suite of tools and extensions to expedite and optimize the development process and bathe their applications with a rich set of features. The tools may be referred to the numerous libraries, extensions and scripts that are loaded with per-defined functions to assist you in building value and feature-rich web development solutions. The open source platform has bequeathed programmers with tools that have considerably cut down on the complexity levels and the total development time in regards to the applications. The developer-friendly gizmo’s have been encouraging them to take higher strides and glide over the constriction characteristic of software development and its business aspects. The innovation cloud has only got bigger and denser.

Illustrated below are some of the most exploitable JavaScript libraries that can add new dimensions to the Java applications and give developers a free rein to create solutions worth savoring:



Perhaps, not the right name to start off the list, but Howler.js is very much unlike of how it is known as. An audio supporting library, it works in unison with the Web Audio API. In the event there is an exception or error in the audio API, it switches to HTML 5 Audio. The library does not yield to the compatibility issues, since it runs competently across different browsers. You can input multiple audio formats and play more than one file concurrently. The library also comes with some great formats like fade in and fadeout


Awash in UI components, Zebra boasts of tall features to let you hijack the marketplace with applications of the highest order. For creating clean and visually appealing layouts, Zebra is arguably your best bet. There is a whole suite of UI elements for your consideration, and they are explicitly defined in HTML 5 Canvas. The kinds of colors and patterns you get are unbeatable, and so is the sense f structure this library lends your application with.



As the name suggests, this library adds the drag and drop feature to the user interface of the jQuery. This feature is further optimized by lending it with a capability to have a container and facilitate callbacks as and when certain events need to be addressed.


The library is personalized for modifying and doctoring the SVG files as you please. You can use the scripts provided by it to create lively animations. The script has an impeccable reliability and you can be rest assured it won’t crash at any stage during its execution.  Its responsiveness also emanates from the fact that this script has a small size of 5 Kb and despite it, it doesn’t fall short on wondrous features.


A great addition of incredible JavaScript libraries array, this one too doesn’t put an unnecessary load on your application and goes about performing its function without a lot of fuss and works convincingly in sync with object oriented APIs. The compatibility with browsers and nodejs make it all the more valuable tool.


Using a few technological jargons, Packery equips the web application with the bin packing algorithm. That is to say, if there are undesirable gaps in your web pages, this script will help you eliminate those gaps and give a more logic the overall structure. If the page attributes are organized in an unruly manner, and give an impression of being full of clutter, this script will do well to help you get rid of the space that gives the impression of clutter.

Java as a platform and as a programming language has leveraged its unique innovation-lab and constantly powered the software realm to flourish. For a brand vying to harvest maximum benefits from the technology, custom Java development is the way to go away from the technological adolescence and get itself closer to the erudition of its organizational framework.

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