6 Social Media Resolutions for 2013 to Improve Your Search Rankings

As 2012 draws to a close, it is review time. And when you review your SEO strategies, you will notice that amongst other things, the impact of social media on your search rankings has grown stronger. It will become obvious that content that received more social recommendations (like Facebook shares, retweets and +1s) is showing a higher ranking as compared to content that was not so popular socially. And SEO experts are quite certain that the impact of social media on SEO is only going get stronger.

And here are 6 advantage of this trend in 2013:

1.Check all Your Social Media Profiles:

Check through all your social media profiles to see if they are complete and suitably keyword optimized. This simple check can make your profiles more search engine friendly and result in your profiles showing up in the page 1 of the SERP, which is good for reputation management. This article has some tips on optimizing your profiles for SEO.

2.Explore Other Social Media Options: 

What social media are you on? While Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms, they are not the only ones. Pinterest is coming up well. LinkedIn too has its benefits.

And there are several niche focused social media, where you will find most of your customers. Naturally the highly interested audience on such niche platforms will be more receptive to your content, leading to more favorable social signals and resultant improvement in search rankings. So explore other social media options.

3.Deliver High Quality Relevant Content… Always and Consistently:

2013 social media resolutions

Introspect why some content did not fare well socially. Perhaps, it did not add value to the readers. Perhaps, it was a rehash of old ideas. For maximum social shares, you need to deliver high quality, relevant content that will add value to your readers and prompt them to share. And while you are at it, you must do it consistently so that it builds up your reputation in the niche, which will again contribute to the search rankings.

4.Be Active On Social Media:

Resolve in 2013 to be active on social media, post more often and be more visible. Only then the social media magic will work.

5.Share Others’ Content:

Only sharing links to your content and exclusively promoting your business is bad social media etiquette. Share others’ content, which you feel adds value and they will return the favor, strengthening your social signals and impacting your search rankings.

6.Connect with Influencers:

Use social media to establish relationships with the ‘big guys’ in your field. SEO benefits may not be instant, but they exist.

For instance, you can run by your new content with the influencers and if it is really great, they may share it socially. Or you can snag guest blogging opportunities on their high authority websites with a very valuable back link.

Both these are very strong search rank boosting strategies and both these are extremely unlikely to happen if the influencer does not know you.

So what are your social media resolutions for 2013?


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