6 Ways You Can Take Your IT Security up a Hard-to-Beat Level

Sadly, it has become common to hear about online security breaches. The recent issues of Sony have raised a debate on how strong IT security needs to be. Believe it or not, this security has often been taken for granted or has been ignored due to some reasons or the other. Most people believe that hackers and other unauthorized entities are targeting only the sites and servers of big firms. However, this is simply not true! This belief has rooted because most news headlines are associated with big firms.

But in reality, the hackers are nowadays targeting even the small firms whose number has increased incredibly. These hackers are the ones who do not have enough illegal resources to hack big, secured sites or lack enough know-how about these big companies. The most frightening aspect is that the hacker can be your own employee who is dissatisfied with your company and now wants to harm it. Apart from that, there is also a big threat from a malicious hacker or a spam site. All these risks can badly hurt your IT progress. If hurt, then the cost of repair or restoring lost satisfaction or faith of your customers can really be very difficult. Therefore, it is very much essential to ensure stronger security for your sites. Here are some simple ways to keep several types of IT attacks at bay.

Ensure the Basics – Install Firewall and Update Anti-virus:

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Never ever allow anybody in your office to use the Internet without activating the firewall security. Firewall automatically protects your systems from unwanted and undetected security attacks online. Along with that, it is also vital to install an anti-virus program on all servers, PCs, and laptops so that spyware and malware can be beaten at any point in time. But that’s not all! You also have to update the application regularly for safeguarding the IT systems against the latest viruses and malware. As a tip, ensure that you are utilizing a reliable hosting service that is well admired for its quality of service and for offering advanced security measures.

Take Care of Common Things – Restrict USB Drive Usage and Have Strong Passwords:

Most employees prefer using USB flash drives for accessing information at anytime and anywhere. Portability is the key factor that attracts people to use these drives. However, such drive can also contribute to security breach if the employees tend to misuse it due to discontentment with your firm. Therefore, you should not allow employees to use them. Just select a few trustworthy employees who really need such drives for office purpose. Then, ensure that they log on to use the drive information and then sign out after every session. It is wise to maintain a register of who has a flash drive. Perhaps, it would be best if the office offers them a pen drive instead of allowing the use of private drives.

Coming to passwords, everybody knows all the rules but the fact is that they are hardly followed. Are your employees prompted to change the password after every month? Do they make a strong password that contains a mix of numbers and special characters as well? Is there a limit set on the number of password characters formed? Well, these rules need to be formulated, circulated, and monitored strictly for making your IT systems truly unbreakable. For guests or clients, you need to create different passwords so that no employee can share his or her own password with them. Further, you need to ensure that all wired and wireless connections are protected by passwords and encryption on all devices.

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Monitor Favorite Online Activities – Track Social Media Activities:

Did you know that most modern phishing sites are posted on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, which can hack your IT systems? So, you need to keep a track of activities on such sites as well.

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