7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking is the most important factor for all bloggers.Alexa.com start to track and monitors our blog traffic.Advertisers always consider alexa for there product or service promotions.Alexa starts to count the backlinks from websites which linking back to you.There are several methods to reduce your alexa ranking. 

Step 1:  How to claim your blog from Alexa 

Visit http://www.alexa.com/siteowners/tools then click on claim your site and enter your url and claim your blog.Then verify your website by entering the verify code and update your website information.

Step 2:  Install Alexa Toolbar 

Install Alexa toolbar on your browser and bookmark your site and make your friends to bookmark your site or blog this help to reduce your alexa ranking.

Step 3:  Adding Widget 

Claim your alexa widget tool and add them on your blog this can help for reducing your alexa.

alexa website stats

Step 4:  Blog Commenting 

This strategy really helps you to get connect with blogging community and also its reduces alexa.Try to comment on top ranking blogs will help you to reduce very easily.

Step 5:  Regular Updates 

Keep sharing the unique content with trending topics can help you to boost your traffic and alexa ranking.Make sure that your content are quality one poor ones will affect your traffic.More less alexa will help you to get more advertisers and readers on your blog.

Step 6: Active On Forum

Try to be active on webmaster forum to get engaged with other webmasters as they already would have installed toolbar.This helps a lot to get traffic and reducing your alexa.

Step 7:  Review Me 

Ask your readers and friends to review about your blog on alexa.com this also can help for reducing your blog alexa.

Note: If you do an review about my blog on alexa.com will do the same for your blog.Make sure to leave your name and blog url on contact page.


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