7 Exciting Apps To Get You Off The Dole

The job market these days seems to constantly fluctuate, with the market perking up every now and then yet real wages actually taking a dip, thanks to businesses deciding to cut pay instead of laying off employees. Don’t fret, however — there are many apps out there that can aid your search toward finding potential employers that need your skills.

If you download some of the helpful apps on this list today, you may find yourself discovering new opportunities that could really get your career off the ground.

1. LinkedIn Mobile

LinkedIn is the premier website for making job connections and find networking events online. You can also keep up with the most recent news in your industry. Use your smartphone to get the best use of LinkedIn Mobile App. If you own a newer BlackBerry smartphone, you can use the BlackBerry 10 phones online to download apps directly from your app world account. It is a necessity for those on the move.

2. Indeed Jobs

This app, from Indeed.com, is a handy app to have whether you are searching for a job or looking for a better one. Featuring an expanded search engine which uses information from company websites, recruitment agencies, and job boards, it makes your job search easy and convenient. And if you’re looking to work abroad, the app includes jobs in 50 different countries around the world.

7 exciting apps

3. In the Door

Everyone knows the best way to land a job is to have contacts and proper social networking. You can now do this using the latest Facebook app, In the Door. The app allows you to search third-party job listings, but more importantly, lets you see if any of your Facebook friends might have a potential “in” for you at a job.

4. iPQ Career Planner

This app takes a different approach to your typical job search website. The app presents you with a 52-question assessment that can not only narrow your job search, but find a particular field for you if you’re not sure what you want to do. That makes it the perfect app for the recent graduate or mid-life crisis.

5. Hidden Jobs

According to Hidden Jobs, 80% of available employment is not found on job boards or the newspaper. By using the Hidden Jobs app, you can scour over 2 million unadvertised job listings until you find one that suits you. It also provides articles detailing companies that are hiring in the near future.

6. Be Known

A recent app released by job search engine pioneers, Monster.com, BeKnown allows users the ability to create a separate profile on Facebook for professional purposes. No longer will you have to worry about mixing business with your personal life. A must have for those who love to have a good time, but worry about their Facebook profile being seen by employers.

7. Craigslist Mobile

Craigslist is quickly becoming a popular website for job hunting. Users of the app can search listings from many countries and cities worldwide. Because the app is free to users and employers, Craigslist makes it easier to find jobs in your field particularly with local companies.

Although job hunting seems like a daunting task, these apps make finding employment not only simple, but easy and enjoyable. So, the next time you need a part-time job or you are looking for a career change, look no further than your smart phone.

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Calvin Sellers is a mobile tech and social media writer from Tampa, FL.  He is addicted to researching capabilities of Blackberry 10 phones online.  Follow him on Twitter @CalvinTheScribe.

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