A Guide To Start With Your WordPress Blog

There are 1.8 billion blogs in the world and 61 million are hosted by WordPress! WordPress provides Full domain and thousands of plug-ins with easy installation, so more and more people are attracted towards WordPress. WordPress has password protected posts and themes which enhance the user experience and provide the manager ease to display content as he likes. There are few tips discussed for beginners which will help them work better with WordPress.

Changing the URL (page or blog post)

The URL by defaults is set by WordPress in easy to read manner but sometimes a person needs to change them. In order to do so,

Go to edit screen form WordPress backend and find the title written and there will be EDIT written after the link, click on EDIT and edit the URL as required and click change settings. (If Change setting appears instead of Edit then click change setting and click on post name ration in permalink settings and it will change into edit button)

Changing the URL helps the SEO as well as helps easy remembering.

Use WordPress Editor

wordpress guide

WordPress is Blogging site and it is best blogging site and WordPress editor provided by them has everything needed to write and debug the blog. It provides

Spellcheck: spell check is one of greatest tools for bloggers at every level as many bloggers come up with different types of errors which result in problems, spellcheck is provided on top with marking of ABC on it, just click it and it will check and show the mistakes done while writing.

Copy and paste is must while writing a blog and with Remove formatting provided by WordPress it is easier to manage pasted content, to remove formatting then look for button with eraser in it, just click it and you are done!

Line-Break is one of most needed and essential tool required for writing text, it can be done by just hitting shit+ return key!

Keyboard shortcuts provide person with ease to keep writing without breaking rhythm and also save time, some of most essential keyboard editing shortcuts are
to bold press control key and B, to underline control plus U, for Italics pressing Control and I, for headings 1,2,3, or 4 press control 1,2,3 or 4.

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Video Embedding

Videos can be easily embedded by WordPress; all you have to do is to simply paste the URL from YouTube, Vimeo and HULU.
to Embed a video taken from internet, just go to the site and copy the URL of the Video you want to Embed and go back to WordPress, simply paste on newline of page and you are done, In Editor it will show as link but in website, it will be displayed as a video.

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Scheduled Blogging

If you have written a blog but want to post it later then it is a simple tool provided by WordPress that you would use,
on top-right corner of screen, box name publish has sub heading reading “Post immediately”,

Click on Edit provided next to it and it will ask for date to post the Blog, after writing the date and time, Click ok and publish will be converted into Scheduled,

Click on it and post is scheduled!


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