A Short Guide On Tweeting Through Email

Cross-posting is becoming a common thing in social media. It helps us get our updates through faster, without any hassle. It also lets us access things when we can’t access them. There are times when we are unable to access our favourite social media sites, perhaps due to the area you are in blocking access to that site. Twitter, in particular, can be among the list of blocked sites for that area. Email, however, can be accessed anywhere, anytime. This is perhaps due to how important email is for things like business; it is the most reliable method of sending messages all over the world. With that in mind, it is now possible for Twitter users to post their tweets via email, thanks to an online service that is very easy to use known as e2tweet.

How to get started with e2tweet?

First, you visit the e2tweet home page and click on Start Now. You will be asked to authorize e2tweet to use your Twitter account. Do so by clicking “Sign in,” where you will be brought back to the e2tweet home page. Enter the email address you want to send tweets with and click on the “Save” button. Note that you can add more than one email address, which will appear on the left side of the page. Now, to send a tweet with your email, type your tweet in the email and send it to post@e2tweet.com.


Take heed; the subject of the email will be ignored, so you can leave it blank if you want, and if your tweet goes over 140 characters, the extra characters will not be included in the tweet. Also, if you plan on using e2tweet on a regular basis, make sure to add it in your contact list, in case you forget the address.

Other uses for e2tweet

e2tweet is great for personal use. The service is firewall proof, meaning you can use the service to send tweets anywhere. It is particularly useful for those who desperately need to send out a tweet, but can’t due to how Twitter is blocked in the area they are in. As this becomes common in areas such as schools, e2tweet would be a godsend. 

e2tweet is not just useful for personal use; it can also serve as a great tool for businesses and groups. Just think about it: you and your business would be capable of promoting your brands or even just tweet with a business account through the email addresses linked to e2tweet. What you can do with this is, instead of having to give your business group the Twitter account to make tweets, you can simply ask for their email addresses and then add them to the e2tweet account. That way, they can send in their tweets from their own email addresses, not needing to compromise the information of the account.

And that is all on how to tweet through your email address. e2tweet is safe, fast and convenient to use. You can use it anywhere and anyone can access it without compromising itself.

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