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The kind of growth and development that has occurred in the webosphere in the last few years is commendable. However, since moving forward is the theme of the world today. Therefore, the latest on the web is the inauguration of the real-time web technologies.

The real-time web is essentially a set of technologies and practices which have been specially designed to ensure that users can receive information as soon as it is uploaded or published by the source. This will obliterate their need to procure separate software that has keep checking sources on regular intervals for updates.

This essentially means that there will be instant delivery of information. We are talking about a world where in every time we refresh our search we get fresh content on top which has been recently added.

Top Real-time web apps

  1. Super Sync Sports

This is an amazing app that allows you to use your mobile phone as the control while playing a game on your desktop browser. It supports single or even multiple users. This is the best example of a fun based use of real-time web.

  1. Murally

Murally is very creative networking concept which caters to designers and developers globally who can share videos, links and photographs in order to discuss ideas by simply dragging and dropping from one place on the wall to the other. This is one of the most creative platforms of discussing ideas through visual means.

  1. Jabbr

The maximum usage of real-time web technologies is probably done for chats. This is why Jabbr is a great chat experience. It has some really user-friendly features and enables you to embed content directly from URLs. Also it is open source.

  1. Cloud 9 IDE

Cloud 9 is an in-browser Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It offers an extraordinary development experience, but apart from that it enables multiple developers work at once. Dot net developers in India claim it to be the best use of real-time web use. It has a terminal console. Developers from various locations can chat and discuss and create at the same time.

  1. User Voice

User Voice is a feedback related app that helps companies understand what their user wants. It is a very practical use of this technology as it enables any industry to grow and develop by understanding their own shortcomings directly from the user’s mouth.

Are Real time technologies safe?

real time technologies

Actually, the problem with any technology today is that the more popular it gets, the more susceptible it becomes to the threats of phishing and attacks. So, considering that real-time technologies harp upon being “real-time” is it possible that someone can attack your systems?

Well, there are many different ways in which your internet data can be threatened. Someone can steal your identity or send viruses to your systems, however since the whole concept of real-time data is that the data remains latest and everything is current it is difficult to use it as a threat.

Basically the concept is quite simple. It’s like a flowing river is much cleaner than a stagnant pond. It is difficult to adulterate real-time information. However, to identify the authenticity of any social content may not be possible because of the fact that certain parameters are not measurable in terms of accuracy.


With real-time web applications at the doorstep the world many people have only dreamt of is not going to be far away. One must understand the implications that this technology is about to present.

It gives a strange sort of power to the people, which means the gap between information and query is being bridged at an unprecedented rate. With Dot Net development in the right direction and new creative apps can help users in many ways.

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