Adsense Ad Placement Strategy For Maximum CTR

Proper Ad placement is one of the key factors that decide how much you earn from your website or blog. With the best strategy on Adsense Ad placement, you can increase your ad’s CTR and set a stage for some good income. Best ad placements differ from site to site, based on the different niche and topics, the different readers and their ‘click- behaviour’.Some tips to improve your Adsense ad placement to maximize your income are as follows:

1. Click-Behavior

One of the most important factor to keep in mind before selecting your ad placement is to judge the click behaviour of your audience. Everybody knows that Google pays you for every ‘click’. More the clicks, more you earn. So the most important factor would be to find out where your audience most looks at. Then you can place your ads there so that the ads get maximum attention and CTR. Google analytics provides a feature called in-page-analytics that lets you determine the click-behaviour of your audience. Mostly, people click more near the site navigation area if they are looking for more good articles on your site. So you should keep at least one ad unit there.

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2. Above the Fold

Everything that a user can see on the site without scrolling is call above-the-fold. This is the place where the ads get the maximum attention. Any new user when comes to your site, first he looks around for a while without scrolling and his eyes cover maximum area above the fold. So keeping an ad unit here can be great, especially a image unit according to me, because it receives even more attention.

3. After the Title of Article/Post

Every user first reads the title of page and then scrolls down to contents. An ad unit placed between the title and content gets a good amount of user attention. A large rectangular image or text ad works perfect here according to my experiments.

4. The Heat-Map

Check out the Google’s Heat Map for pages. There you will see a heat-map which shows where maximum of your users look at. You can prefer that heat-map to decide a placement strategy for your adsense ads. The red areas in the ‘Site Placement’ map show more visibility. In the ‘Blog Placement’ map, a suggestion for ad placement is shown.

5. Experimenting

To find out the best adsense ad placement for your blog/site, the best way is to experiment yourself and find out. Try different ad placements for one week and note the results. Check the CTR of your ad units to judge whether they are doing good or not.

6. My experience

From my experience I can advice to keep a large image/text ad unit after post title and before its content. Place a horizontal link unit after site navigation bar at the top of site and another ad unit in sidebar near the site links or after the blog article. I use a similar ad placement as I suggested and I am getting good results. But these results are for me, and they can differ for different sites. So keep experimenting and find the best adsense ad placement for your site.

Over to you

Which Adsense Ad placement strategy do you follow? If you have any suggestions then do comment and share with us.


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