Adsense vs Indian Bloggers

Google Adsense is a major source of income for many bloggers from around the world. For Indians, Adsense has opened many doors to make a living online.Today, we find many Indian bloggers those are students and are making a satisfactory income from Adsense. Those beginners who are about to start a blog watch dreams of achieving something big with their blog and Adsense can become their best buddy for this.

But the scenario has been changing since a few weeks.

You would also be aware that now a days, many bloggers, especially from India are getting banned from the Google Adsense program. Some of the good names in blogosphere are also getting banned. This has created an alarming situation for even well established and reputed bloggers of India and we must keep ourselves aware about the truth.

Why Does Adsense Ban a Publisher?

Adsense accounts ban

God only knows…or maybe Google?

This process of getting banned can be explained in a simple way in the following manner -

Suppose you are the owner of a blog, and a publisher at Google Adsense. Now suppose someone gives too many random clicks on the ad units displayed on your blog. Google Adsense will think of it as invalid clicks generated on your blog. It will try to find out whether the clicks were generated by you, i.e. the owner of the site, or by any other user.

If Google Adsense system gets successful in tracking out the source of invalid clicks and if the results are in your favor, then most probably they would not perform any task against you. They would just blacklist the IP address from where the invalid clicks were generated.

But it looks like now a days, Adsense is not able to distinguish whether the invalid activities took place from the site owner’s computer or from some other computer. That is why many Indian bloggers are getting banned from Adsense.

Many of my friends have also complained on famous social networking sites about their innocent Adsense account getting banned and the most common thing noticed in all those cases is that the site owners received a lot of invalid clicks on their blogs since last 2-3 days before getting banned.

This clearly suggests that some spamming group has been moving around well established blogs and are bombarding their Adsense ad units with lots of random clicks.

Whatever the reason may be, it ultimately results into getting banned.

And what’s more! This phenomenon is most common in India and similar Asian countries where getting started with Adsense is already very difficult. And remember, if a person gets banned from Adsense, there are very rare chances that he/she may get his/her account reactivated.

So what should we do to protect ourselves from getting banned?

Keep these small tips in your mind:

1. Whenever you suspect any invalid activity going on with your Ad units, like unexpectedly skyrocketing CTR, report it to Adsense and if possible, disable Adsense on that site for few days.

2. If you find an increase in the CTR of your Ad units, with the earnings dropping lower and lower, it may be a sign that there are too many invalid clicks registered on your blog which result into zero earnings from those clicks.

Remove Ad units from those sites for few days.

3. Not only invalid clicks but violating Adsense policies unknowingly can also be a reason for getting banned. So make sure that you comply with the program policies.

4. If you find an unusually high amount of traffic coming from a single site which has some random spammy name, try to find more details about the site. If you find signs which suggest that the site is a spam site or a malicious site, keep an eye on it.

Such sites can be sending malicious codes or bots that might be bombarding your Ad units with random clicks.


All these Indian Bloggers getting banned today is not just coincidence. With the similar symptoms noticed on almost all these blogs i.e. noticing too many invalid clicks, it suggests some high volume spam activity which is going on in India.

To protect yourself from getting banned tomorrow, keep an eye on the activities going on your blog, especially the behaviour of Adsense ad units and their CTR. If you find anything suspecting, immediately contact Adsense support and if possible, remove Adsense ad units from that blog temporarily.

I hope we don’t get to read any more news of innocent Indian bloggers getting banned from Adsense.

If you have any more suggestions, do comment and share with us.


  1. Janmejai says:

    In most of the cases as i have read in different blogs and google forum,Adsense sends a message if your site is violating some adsense policy…..however i don’t check my adsense account daily open it twice or thrice in a month.
    Janmejai recently posted…Top 10 Hindi Songs-WeeklyMy Profile

  2. Prajith says:

    Google adsense is very picky and sometimes it could ban without doing nothing !
    I really hate they way they treat the publisher !
    Prajith recently posted…How to Root And Install CWM Recovery On HTC One VMy Profile

  3. Peter Lee says:

    As much as Google trying to protect the benefits of their advertisers and their own, we as bloggers must prepare for the worst to protect our income too. Do not put all your eggs into 1 basket. Try other Adsense alternatives as well because even if you have done everything you could to minimize the risk of getting banned by Adsense, it will still not guarantee you will not get banned.
    Peter Lee recently posted…How to Avoid Falling for A Phishing ScamMy Profile

    • That’s 100% correct Peter!

      Blogging is such a business where you can’t afford to put all your eggs in 1 basket. Every single publisher has a small or large chance of getting banned by Adsense.

      And just suppose a person uses only Adsense as the base for monetizing his/her blog. Getting banned will not only be a nightmare but also the greatest loss for them, isn’t it?

      And just because of this fear, I am focusing on other monetizing methods too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting Peter :)
      Mahaveer Verma recently posted…Question By Every Beginner – What is SEO and How To Do It?My Profile

  4. Srikanth says:

    Adsense is the main source of income for Indian bloggers. but no one knows the reason y Google adsense team taking revenge by deactivating their adsense account May be because every one says Invalid clicks :)
    Srikanth recently posted…Samsung Officially announced Galaxy S4 mini — SpecificationsMy Profile

    • Yes, the most prominent reason given by everyone is about invalid clicks but at the same time, I have seen many bloggers getting banned from Adsense who I am sure that can never indulge in such activities.

      And also what if some other person starts bombarding your Adsense ads? This will also be counted as invalid clicks and you may get banned even if you didn’t do it yourself or even if you are not involved in all this.

      That is really sad, isn’t it?

      Thanks for reading Srikanth :)
      Mahaveer Verma recently posted…Try WordPress On Free Web HostingMy Profile

  5. marilyn cada says:

    getting banned from google actually inspired me to create a category in my articles called Google Adsense Alternatives series

    i do not like Google Adsense treating small publishers like us these days.
    marilyn cada recently posted…110+ Commentluv Enabled Blogs plus their Alexa Ranking and Page RankMy Profile

    • Sometimes it really proves beneficial when we get banned from Adsense, isn’t it?

      You might know better than many others that instead of using Adsense, we can use some other monetizing methods with greater efficiency and returns.

      When one of my blogs was banned from Adsense (just the blog, not me :) ) I also worked on other alternatives and I wrote about my experience at my blog too.
      Mahaveer Verma recently posted…Top 3 Web Hosting Providers For Your WordPress BlogMy Profile

  6. I agree with you to an extent.
    But if Google is so smart, why doesnt it attach ZERO CPC to all clicks which it suspects to be fake?
    why disable accounts or ban them?
    Why doesnt Adsense provide bloggers with ip addresses of the places where out sites are getting invalid clicks so as to make things easier for us?
    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted…6 Best Social Media Plugins For Website OwnersMy Profile

  7. Nwosu Desmond says:

    Its really a bad thing for people to engage on such attacks on other’s sites all the same thanks for your sharing such post, i hope people can learn from it, I have experienced such with one of my sites once.

  8. Mubashir says:

    HI Mahaveer,

    Nice post. I have a question. I am currently accepting Guest Posts on my blog. So if my guest author clicks on any ad unit then what will happen?

    Adsense will block
    It will consider normal click?
    Mubashir recently posted…Some Blogging Mistakes and their SolutionsMy Profile

  9. Babanature says:

    Hello Verma,
    First let me say that most bloggers do not rely on Google adsense because there are a lot of alternative out there. Secondly; i love your tips you brought out, it would truly be helpful for those who get invalid clicks.
    Babanature recently posted…How To Add Post Excerpt With Thumbnail On Blogger Blog Part2My Profile

    • I would agree if you say most of the “experienced” bloggers don’t rely on Adsense, because there are still lots and lots of beginners who enter into blogging just because of Adsense and almost all inexperienced newbie bloggers rely very much on Adsense.

      As for bloggers like you and me, yes, most of us don’t rely on Adsense because as you said there are a lot of alternative methods to monetize a blog.

      Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing your thoughts too :)
      Mahaveer Verma recently posted…The Top Secret Recipe To Blog Like A ProMy Profile

  10. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Smart tips here. Google seems to go through these banning phases through Adsense. FB has it in for me lol….I just roll with the punches and use creative ways to prosper. Thanks!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…1 Tip to Release Negative EmotionsMy Profile

  11. Mohammad Hussain says:

    Yes you are right Mahaveer bro.I like your article and one point that I really really like why Adsense ban publisher
    god knows….or only Google knows.Adsense needs too much traffic to earn money and when you have Blogging niche too much traffic never comes…so better to think another way to make money is easy for all blogging niche blogger..
    Mohammad Hussain recently posted…BlueHost Vs HostGator, Who’s The King of 2013 in Hosting for WordPress ?My Profile

  12. Thank you Mahavir for the post.

    Most of the bans, I guess is due to the breach in Google’s TOS. I found huge number of beginning publishers have not read the TOS even once but they’ve implemented the code since long.

    I’ve seen some Nepali blogs as well that display the semi-porn kind of images faking it to appear is a YouTube clip. The title of the post is obviously enticing and they use ‘Click the link below to watch the video’ but in fact they place Adsense code in the box below that link. When novice users click the video-clip looking image, nothing happens and they tend to click on the link (Adsense Ads).

    I guess they are earning huge money right now with the trick, but I’m sure they’ll be banned very quick (probably, before they receive the first check)!

    As long as you play fair and watch your CTR & Ad Impressions, I hope you’ll earn long term money consistently. We need to spread awareness and I’m grateful for your effort on this post.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…Stepping Out of Your Own Blog – What Else The Guest Blogging OffersMy Profile

    • Yes, most of the bans are surely due to violation of Adsense TOS and guidelines.

      There are lots of people who use methods like you said in their articles or whole blog to encourage more clicks, which ultimately lead them towards getting banned.

      And it is actually very proper and systematic that they get banned for their deeds. By banning those people, the Adsense team is indeed working very accurately just as it should.
      Mahaveer Verma recently posted…Question By Every Beginner – What is SEO and How To Do It?My Profile

  13. pavan says:

    Hi mahaveer ,
    It’s true even the adsense terms and policies are different for indian bloggers
    pavan recently posted…Android Popup Menu ExampleMy Profile

  14. Vishnu says:

    Ya , I also received 3 day warning for posting about youtube to mp3 post , but i removed that post with in 3 days, i wonder why google punish blogger for sharing this type of tips.
    Vishnu recently posted…5 Ways To Use Twitter To Find a JobMy Profile

  15. Nirmala says:

    Hope you had written a post for me Mahaveer and nice to see you as a Guest blogger here :)

    Its really sad thing about Adsense and Indian users.

    Even I discussed these stuffs with Shameem two days back, as i got scared of my account banning in the future.

    But, as of now, I am not getting any invalid clicks.

    I got my google adsense approval in 2009 and never clicked on my own ads even unexpectedly.

    Sure, will try to follow your points, whenever I suspect to get invalid clicks.

    I really like your writing style which is simple and crystal clear! Never miss your posts ;), keep writing!
    Nirmala recently posted…Experts tips – Discussion with Pradeep Kumar from HellboundbloggersMy Profile

  16. Bishnu Subedi says:

    Thank Mahaveer for this post.

    Yeah it’s true, now a days, Google is being cruel for publisher, Even a little mistake on blog/website can get banned, i think Google is filtering publishers !!
    Bishnu Subedi recently posted…Let’s Climb Mount Everest For FreeMy Profile

  17. Sriram says:

    I too have seen many people were complaining about their account ban on Facebook. Is it possible to reinstate those banned accounts?
    I hope the Adsense will ban IPs of the ones who done click bombard.
    Sriram recently posted…Things you should know about Google Penguin 2.0 updateMy Profile

  18. Syed Qasim says:

    Adsense is not only strict for indian bloggers. It is also strict for Pakistan too. Their new policies are killing us. I don’t know what they want from our side. But it is hurting. ;(
    Syed Qasim recently posted…What Are The Features Of IOS And Androids?My Profile

  19. Chadrack says:

    Is Google really been unfair to Indians or Asians? I really don’t think so. I know that many bloggers from my area have been hit in recent times also but personally I’ve been using Adsense for about 5yrs now and have not had any issues with it. I started using Adsense even when I was not a blogger and all these years I’ve ensured that I stayed within what Google wants.

    Like you mentioned in the post, Google has very powerful programs for monitoring the problem. they do this to guide against those who want to misuse the system. Those who are being banned should really check their own end if they are not doing something wrong.

    For example, I know that some users form groups with which they support each other by clicking on adsense of members. Google will not allow this. Once they check your traffic and compare that with what you are earning for adsense they can easily deduce that something is going on your end.

    Of course, I’m not holding brief for Google but from the years I’ve been online, I know it is the users who are really doing something wrong. When Google make any mistake they will always correct it, but if not don’t blame them.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Chadrack recently posted…Riches in Niches Power Challenge: How to Pick a Profitable Niche Market!My Profile

    • Hello Chadrack!

      I have also been a part of Adsense since a long time and I also didn’t have any large issue. Google does have those powerful programs for monitoring publishers, but at the same time I don’t have any doubt that Adsense has different policies and different tolerance levels for Asian countries.

      And there is a solid reason for this – spam.

      Asian countries are the ones that contribute to most of the spam and illegal activities noticed by Adsense.

      That is the most prominent reason according to me that forces Adsense to practice a separate policy level for these countries. And because of this, the tolerance level is also different.

      I repeat that I have noticed many top notch bloggers from India getting banned whereas I am sure that they had never indulged in any illegal activity. Click bombing is a common act here which affects many innocent publishers.
      Mahaveer Verma recently posted…Hack Chrome For Maximum Internet SpeedMy Profile

  20. Ashish says:

    Removing the Ads from your site is the best possible way to avoid disabling of Google ads as i have experienced this that even contacting Google by sending invalid click form doesn’t help. You are right about this that more and more websites from Asian countries especially India is getting disabled by Google Adsense Program.
    Ashish recently posted…Budget Android Smartphone Intex Cloud X4 Specifications, Features, Price in IndiaMy Profile

  21. Charmin says:

    mahavir I get 2300-2400 pageviews daily and also gets 1000+ google visitors but I don’t know why my adsense doesn’t approved??? have you any way to approve
    Charmin recently posted…Mobile Technology in Rural AreaMy Profile

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