Adsense vs Indian Bloggers

Google Adsense is a major source of income for many bloggers from around the world. For Indians, Adsense has opened many doors to make a living online.Today, we find many Indian bloggers those are students and are making a satisfactory income from Adsense. Those beginners who are about to start a blog watch dreams of achieving something big with their blog and Adsense can become their best buddy for this.

But the scenario has been changing since a few weeks.

You would also be aware that now a days, many bloggers, especially from India are getting banned from the Google Adsense program. Some of the good names in blogosphere are also getting banned. This has created an alarming situation for even well established and reputed bloggers of India and we must keep ourselves aware about the truth.

Why Does Adsense Ban a Publisher?

Adsense accounts ban

God only knows…or maybe Google?

This process of getting banned can be explained in a simple way in the following manner –

Suppose you are the owner of a blog, and a publisher at Google Adsense. Now suppose someone gives too many random clicks on the ad units displayed on your blog. Google Adsense will think of it as invalid clicks generated on your blog. It will try to find out whether the clicks were generated by you, i.e. the owner of the site, or by any other user.

If Google Adsense system gets successful in tracking out the source of invalid clicks and if the results are in your favor, then most probably they would not perform any task against you. They would just blacklist the IP address from where the invalid clicks were generated.

But it looks like now a days, Adsense is not able to distinguish whether the invalid activities took place from the site owner’s computer or from some other computer. That is why many Indian bloggers are getting banned from Adsense.

Many of my friends have also complained on famous social networking sites about their innocent Adsense account getting banned and the most common thing noticed in all those cases is that the site owners received a lot of invalid clicks on their blogs since last 2-3 days before getting banned.

This clearly suggests that some spamming group has been moving around well established blogs and are bombarding their Adsense ad units with lots of random clicks.

Whatever the reason may be, it ultimately results into getting banned.

And what’s more! This phenomenon is most common in India and similar Asian countries where getting started with Adsense is already very difficult. And remember, if a person gets banned from Adsense, there are very rare chances that he/she may get his/her account reactivated.

So what should we do to protect ourselves from getting banned?

Keep these small tips in your mind:

1. Whenever you suspect any invalid activity going on with your Ad units, like unexpectedly skyrocketing CTR, report it to Adsense and if possible, disable Adsense on that site for few days.

2. If you find an increase in the CTR of your Ad units, with the earnings dropping lower and lower, it may be a sign that there are too many invalid clicks registered on your blog which result into zero earnings from those clicks.

Remove Ad units from those sites for few days.

3. Not only invalid clicks but violating Adsense policies unknowingly can also be a reason for getting banned. So make sure that you comply with the program policies.

4. If you find an unusually high amount of traffic coming from a single site which has some random spammy name, try to find more details about the site. If you find signs which suggest that the site is a spam site or a malicious site, keep an eye on it.

Such sites can be sending malicious codes or bots that might be bombarding your Ad units with random clicks.


All these Indian Bloggers getting banned today is not just coincidence. With the similar symptoms noticed on almost all these blogs i.e. noticing too many invalid clicks, it suggests some high volume spam activity which is going on in India.

To protect yourself from getting banned tomorrow, keep an eye on the activities going on your blog, especially the behaviour of Adsense ad units and their CTR. If you find anything suspecting, immediately contact Adsense support and if possible, remove Adsense ad units from that blog temporarily.

I hope we don’t get to read any more news of innocent Indian bloggers getting banned from Adsense.

If you have any more suggestions, do comment and share with us.


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