All About the New iPhone Dock Connector

It looks like changes are coming soon with rumours surfacing all around the internet about a new iPhone mini docking cable. That’s right, it appears that Apple will soon be downsizing their docking cable for iPhone brand smartphones in order to create a more streamlined and small connector. This smaller connector brings with it a host of benefits and problems.

One main problem is that only iPhone users who have the new iPhone mini docking cable will be able to use it. This means that existing iPhone users looking to upgrade will also have to replace the car chargers that they have, made for the more chunky iPhone docking cable. This also means that the days of using iPod docking cables to charge one’s iPhone are over, as users will now need the new iPhone mini docking cable. This certainly means that Apple will be getting more money with the new implementation of a smaller docking cable. With iPhones as expensive as they already are, not to mention data plans, it will be interesting to see just how this decision is met by more frugal smartphone consumers.

new iPhone dock connector

It also appears that Apple may be launching a product in order to combat this negligible con. Apple is rumored to be releasing adapters that change an existing docking cable into the new iPhone mini docking cable. This way, old and new iPhone users alike will be able to use their various car and wall chargers, regardless of which version of the iPhone that they have–Apple is rumored to be releasing the new iPhone mini docking cables with the iPhone 5, although confirmed reports are few and far between.

Although a smaller docking cable seems like a hassle, it is sure to offer a multitude of benefits as well. The new iPhone mini docking cable is streamlined and much more elegant. It complements the sleekness of the iPhone quite well, and also makes charging a less bulky experience. Additionally, the new iPhone mini docking cable means that the speakers on the bottom of the iPhone could become larger, as the connection for the docking cable would in fact be smaller, creating more space on the bottom of the iPhone. With iPhones as small as they are, and chances of them increasing the size of the iPhone even slimmer than the unit itself, this extra real estate will be quite welcome on newer iPhones.

Overall, this isn’t as bold a move as some are making it seem. After all, innovation lies at the heart of Apple, but, in all seriousness, they certainly aren’t reinventing the wheel here; all they are doing is taking a logical step in the progression of slimming down their acclaimed smartphone. The more exciting news of the iPhone 5 is sure to come soon, and much more likely to be less focused on such a small cosmetic feature. That said, all decisions have some impact on a smartphone’s reception–no pun intended–and the weight of these decisions should not be undermined. All in all, the new iPhone mini docking cable does one thing well: stirs up excitement over an already hot smartphone release.

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