An On Budget Christmas

What is the best way to make the most out of that hard earned cash at the end of the year? The Christmas period is fast coming upon us and having a lot of presents to buy for people can be expensive. This is why you should make a plan of how your money will be spent and stick to it, allowing you to treat yourself as well at the end of the month. Also there are those important New Year’s eve parties! Here are a few tips to sticking to a budget in the festive season.

You can make gifts for people close to you easily. What about buying and designing your own t-shirt? Craft shops have plenty of things that you can use from feathers to paint and it is all so cheap! People will love having something unique to wear and you can even copy a design from a shop. Or if they are more of a food person then you can make festive treats such as fruit in jars or even a Christmas cake. With your partner you can plan a holiday together, but why not take some spa vouchers to use when you are there to make the trip a special one?

budget christmas

If you don’t want to travel so much over Christmas then you could take a trip nearer to home, a city like London or Glasgow. Many internet sites now do vouchers at discount prices so you don’t have to pay through the roof to travel round the city, so that’s more money to spend on tourist attractions. You can also pick up some restaurant vouchers that can go towards a special Christmas dinner for two. All this can help you keep the expenses down this year.

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