An Review About Quickhaggle- The First Online Exchange Community

QuickHaggle is a new very interesting website where you can exchange your services, skills, ebooks and even products. The idea looks very good and I think it can get huge attention from the internet users. For example if Mr. Jack has photography skills and he need a ebook related to photography. Now what he can do is to post a offer in in the ebook section and wait for others to see his offer and then if someone is interested in his photography skill can offer him a ebook in return of few photos. Sounds Great!

Similarly if Mrs. Maria need a website designer for her new website and she has the skills of doing paintings.What she can do is to post a offer in Website Designing category and let see if she can get a offer from a website designer for paintings. Bang On! Both can exchange for FREE. (Although the trade is not free but both parties don’t need to pay for it. They are utilizing their skills so it is a sort of FREE trade.)


You can think of hundreds of examples of exchanges that can be done in A content writer can offer his content writing skill, a logo designer can offer his skill, a painter can offer his/her skill, a software engineer can offer his/her skill, a musician can offer his/her skill and so on..

You may be thinking that how one can find the exact service he/she need in return of his/her skill that is needed exactly by the same user. Well it is one of the limitation of the barter system but eventually he/she may find a perfect exchange deal after his/her offer is seen by majority of the users.

QuickHaggle can work best for those who want to exchange there ebooks, softwares and other downloadable products. Offer you ebook and wait for others to offer ebooks and then you can exchange with 1 or more then 1 user at a time. This way you can get couple of ebooks just for your one ebook. Sounds Great!

Let see how can give users in term of modern online barter system.

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