Android Apps vs. Apple Apps – The Battle of Giants

Tablets, cloud services, wearable devices, and PCs – everything is networked. Unfortunately, Apple and Android are very different from each other and the compatibility between both ecosystems can be bad. Therefore, if you want to exploit the potential of your iPhone or Android smartphone, you have to get into the ecosystem that is linked the operating system in use by your device.

With smartphones and tablet PCs getting more and more popular every day, it is important to use the right software to optimize the devices to your needs. The range of programs is gigantic and, especially for new entrants, may seem almost unmanageable.


Google Play Store now has over one million Android apps to make your smartphone more productive, safer, and more entertaining. Finding the right application amongst the huge selection is anything but easy – because there are usually several apps that fulfil the desired function. Although there is the possibility to cancel purchased applications, to test a program thoroughly, it takes time. In addition, you do not need to invest unnecessarily – with the tips of the editorial staff, you will quickly find the right application.

The problem lies in the agony of choice! With so many programs, you just have to take a look, whether you’re looking for office apps, action games, strategy games, bets, fun, puzzles, or skill tests or even a selection of casino games similar to those that are available online. There are also entire industries that avoid the app stores altogether, in order to curate their own offering. For instance, the iGaming niche, the domain of casino brands like LeoVegas, usually offer app downloads on their own websites. According to Oddschecker, the latter brand even gives up to £1,500 in welcome bonuses to make the trip worthwhile.

Android devices incorporate the web services of Google like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Music and so on. These are deeply integrated into Android smartphones, but can also be used via iPhone apps and in a web browser on the PC. Android is more open but you have to go to the search giant Google for the benefit of all services.



Apple offers MacBooks, iPads and iPhones, as well as Apple TVs, routers, smartwatches, and more, a closed system that (mostly) works great – including iCloud storage, synchronization features and more. The complete package is seductive but is immensely expensive. Only a few programs are installed too; not even a pocket calculator app is on board. But there’s no need to panic: the huge app store offers plenty of useful things to upgrade your tablet with utilities, office software, music, and video apps. Some apps make it possible to make long-term bus and train rides or annoying relatives’ visits a bit of a breeze. Whether you are looking for action, strategy, or fun, you will find some entertaining apps as well.


iPhone and Android are perhaps more similar than we initially think. The functionality is similar since the design is both chic and the app selection huge. Apple is still priced well over Android. The difference remains with the embedding into the respective product world. If you want to have a perfectly functioning system at the slightly more expensive price and less overall freedom, then you are on the safe side with an Apple iPhone. If you do not want to spend so much money or even prefer to have the choice of low end through to high-end hardware and greater freedom and customization options, Android is reliable and has a price range to suit your needs.


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