Android Now With Larger Market Share

Google’s Android has brought innovation at low cost into the market, which has resulted in increasing the market share of gadgets featuring Google’s Android than Apple’s operating system.According to latest survey by IDC, three out of four Smartphone’s feature Google’s Android over Apple’s OS which has led to fall in the market share of Apple to 50 percent from 65 percent in the second quarter and increase in Google’s share.

The shipments made by Google of Android have increased almost 90 percent in the last year or so. Samsung Galaxy SIII is one of those gadgets which helped in boosting the Android market.The key behind the success of Android is its being Open Source software available to users free of cost.On the other hand, Apple keeps a strict control over the use of its OS right from its purchase by gadget makers to its use by users.

In a report, Vice president of mobile computing Ken Dulaney stated that the speed of modernization in Android is faster as compared to Apple.

android market share

Android is gaining from being an “open-source” podium, which gadget manufacturers utilize at no cost and get better as they deem fit, offering up the internet search giant with perceptivities along the way.

Ken Dulaney also said, “”What you get with Android is this unbelievable response loop with developers,equipment manufacturers, clients, as well as designers. At Apple, as long as they have a great dream within it is excellent but they do not have the response Android does.”

However, a few market analysts had something different to comment upon.

One of the analyst stated, “Other than Samsung, I don’t know if other Android guys are making money.” Charles Golvin, another analyst, said that forces powering Android momentum consist of altering statistics of Smartphone purchasers.

As far as the updates are concerned, Apple provides updates to the users directly whereas whenever Android’s new update comes up, first it has to get pass through hardware makers and then telecom operators and then finally to users. Golvin said, “You have this long-lasting chain of mediators who are holding up the delivery of that innovative software and its advancements to subsisting devices in the market.”

Overall, Google has brought new set of innovations in the field of music, books, movies, game and applications that has further strengthened its market share. According to analysts, gadgets featuring Android will be seen with more demand in the future.

Market analysts think that the Google-supported OS is expected to widen to normally “dumb” gizmos like appliances.

“These platforms are turning the molecule constituents for constructing all types of hybrid devices,” analyst Dulaney said.

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