Apple first launched product Ipod

Ipod is an portable device which has been designed by Apple company and the product has been released on 23rdOctober 2001.It has the capacity of storing ten thousand songs. Millions got the attention of this Ipod and start to buy this product. Later Apple released Ipod Mini which is one third of the previous device in different variety of colors. Music is easily can be transferred to the device by using Apple’s iTunes software from computer,if not many alternative source are available for Ipod.

The Ipod model can support photos ,games ,videos ,web bookmarks and calendars features. The shuffle is the smallest member of Ipod family with the storage of  1GB,which can play only songs but it has no display screen.

Apple launched the next product of Ipod nano with the features of digital audio, photos and storage capacity of 8GB with 2 inch display screen. Apple products got the attention all over the world as they continued of releasing new devices.

apple ipod

Recently Apple launches Ipod Touch which has an new type of touch screen format. Its look similarly like Iphone with the storage capacity of 8 GB. During 2007 Ipod launched there new product called Ipod classic which is digital audio player, photo viewer and video player. Its available with color LCD screen with storage capacity of  80 GB – 160 GB.Now the products is well reached the market and got sold about 297,000,000 as till December 2010.

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