Apple New Technology – ISpy

A smart phone comes with an new application, its uses the GPS system to keep the records of personal data. The device is secretly tracking all your moves. Google was the only company to use this device, but later the Apple has come with an competition of Google. Apple is building the database location to update the data. By the increase of Apple’s customer its necessary to protect there privacy.

If a location service has been switched off in your device the data will not be transferred to the server. But the data stays on the phone it can be viewed as file. The data can be transferred to your computer by connecting IPhone or IPad automatically. Its widely open for hackers who can easily hack your data by using friendly software available in online. The IPhone and IPadapplication are available in online. The Data will be collected as language, occupation, zip code, area code, time zone.The apple new product will be seen soon on market.

apple technology ispy

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