Avoid These SEO Techniques or be Banned by Search Engines

In these days of web marketing and internet business, there is a constant war for top spots on search engines. Everybody starts a website and wants it to be right there at the top on Google for relevant keywords. This has led to some using greedy and dubious SEO techniques; however this can only do more harm than good. In fact, there are some SEO (black hat) techniques that will surely get your site banned by search engines.

Keyword Stuffing – One major black hat technique, this is about inserting too many keywords all over the webpage. See that you keep the Keywords density less than 5%, or be content with a sure-to-be-damned website.

Hiding Text – Using 1 px text that is visible only to Search engines but not to the readers will be treated as spamming; this is one sure way to get banned. This is no different from keyword stuffing, except that people won’t be able to read anything. Don’t do this; not worth it.

avoid seo techniques

Using Doorway Pages – Some self-appointed SEO experts think they are too smart; they use WebPages for no other reason than to target one or two phrases or keywords. They code these pages in such a way that only spiders can see them, while the readers are routed to the actual site. Beware; such sites will be banned immediately on detection.

Cloaking Websites – Cloaking is another popular method used by hacky SEO service providers for making a site rank higher. Here, the web content offered to the search engine spider is different from what’s offered to the internet browser of the user.

Remember, the very purpose of Search engines is to provide useful info; not some crap that is crafted for getting non-natural search engine results. So avoid using black hat techniques for SEO at all costs, or else you may have to live with a Search Engine dead website.


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