Basking Under The Advantageous Features Of The Android Platform

Coming to terms with this ever evolving world can be bit intricate to begin with. This present era has seen a tremendous growth in the technological field which has enabled the humans to delve and procure pearls of magnificence from deep within. One such event is the arrival of the android based technology which after its invading the field of telephony has changed the entire arena related to Smartphone. This technology has easily surpassed the Symbian popularity and today has gone ahead to become the most sought after mobile phone platform to the users. This technology was not accessible to the users earlier but with the bulk production of the sets inclusive of this operating system the gates were opened for the masses. This operating system is based on Linux format of functioning and is highly compatible with the touch screen varieties. This technology was initially developed by the Android, Inc. including inputs from the Google which later purchased the complete system to monopolize its upsurge.

Open Alliance of Handset

The advent of this technology paved the way for the system of handset alliance in which the entire consortium of mobile users and developers likewise made a decision of developing common codes and sources for mobile accessibility. This OS has been prevalently used by the device manufacturers as a common platform due to its high end technology and low costing.

Battery Consumption

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This platform if being used drains a lot of battery owing to its effective methods of keeping an application dormant at the background. Research is going on for minimizing the losses accompanied with their usage. This platform has not yet been universally accepted for using on desktops and bigger interfaces, the reason being the excessive power consumption ranging to about four times that on a hand set.

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This Platform Thinks!

Android platform is a very intuitive model which can flex its inbuilt features depending upon the state and the system requirements. The effective app handling mechanism is its most valuable attribute. This procedure doesn’t kill the active application completely but makes it dormant which is to be accessed only when called for.  This automatic app handling is quite useful when the battery source is low. The android device initiates a self app killing procedure which keeps the prior ones active by closing down on the non prior ones.


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The concept of direct manipulation is being used for this platform. These are coupled with some smart and sensitive interfaces which can help communicate with the virtual world using techniques like pinching, swiping etc. they have been largely popular as they allow the mobile handsets to have in built sensors and gyroscopes depending upon the set configuration. They also provide the liberty of choosing the home screen from a large number of choices and also allows multiple home screen displays at once. They undergo home screen boot and provides a plethora of applications which can bought from the Google play which is the official store for android apps. This store includes the third party applications and this platform has a specialty to mime the characters of other operating systems.

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This platform has become the most predominantly used operating system for the mobile based users and has been coming to terms quickly with the desktop and other size-able interfaces. This technological advancement has allowed the user to customize his handset in a number of ways and also provides the freedom of using several applications bringing the world to our fingertips.

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