Benefits of Adding Videos to your e-business

Video marketing is an increasingly growing segment of Internet, which has compelled almost 68% top Internet retailers to use video content in their websites. Most online visitors now prefer watching videos online rather than read product reviews. Studies have shown that visitors watching videos on a particular are likely to stay at least 2 minutes longer on those sites.

Video marketing is the latest buzz in the online business world. Video marketing can help small businesses compete with their larger counterparts and even overpower them. Video marketing is available for every budget, and for every online or brick and mortar chains.

Impact of Video marketing

Some surprising revelations have come up with the incorporation of video marketing techniques.Some of these interesting observations have been discussed below:

video marketing

Increased Traffic– Recent research has shown that 65% C-level and senior executives visit a vendor’s website after viewing videos of the product or services available. People end up preferring videos over the traditional online text. Recent findings and surveys have also shown that almost 85% customers are likely to buy products or avail services after watching a video on a particular website.

Increased Beneficent Rates– Video marketing has helped in increasing conversion rates by whopping 30% and average ticket sales by 13%. A notable increase of 2-300% has also been observed in email click-through rates.

Increased Online Presence– With all other benefits, the best part of video marketing is the increased online presence it results in. If recent findings are to be believed, online retailers using video marketing techniques have observed an increased online presence on the Internet. There are increased chances of a 53X front-page Google result for marketers using video marketing.

Why has video marketing become so popular?

Almost half of the entire web traffic is now all about videos. Some benefits of video marketing have been discussed below:

Cost-effective way of reaching larger audiences

Videos are a great way to reach out to millions of potential customers in a cost-effective manner.You now need not spend a fortune to reach out to so many people together. All you really require is to upload some quality videos to your site. These videos are likely to provide great value to your site.

Building a Brand for any type of business

Every business owner looks forward to build a brand through marketing. Using videos as an efficient marketing tool can help elevate your business and increase brand recognition. You can use video marketing for any business. It may involve expensive, inexpensive products, removal services London, shipping, storage, etc. It is just important to have quality videos that highlight the essential and unique aspects of your product or services.

Once your video marketing goes viral, chances of better business and increased brand recognition are bright. You can easily create a brand name for your business, without spending a huge amount for its marketing.

More information and showcase reviews

Most video marketing campaigns have been successful because they tend to include more information. There is detailed description and the product/services are showcased in a better manner. Most Internet retailers use video marketing to their advantage by uploading genuine and informative product review videos. These review videos are more likely to capture a viewer’s interest and help in attracting a larger clientele.

Video marketing, a vibrant marketing tool, has emerged as a powerful marketing technique over the past few years. It is becoming increasingly popular and is surely here to stay!

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