Benefits of Linking to Other Websites

If you have a website you’re probably worried about all the new Google Updates that were recently released. The new updates by Google mainly the Google Penguin and Panda have caused a lot of websites to be banned and a lot to be penalized. The only way you can get any kind of web traffic these days if you comply with all the search engine requirements, especially Google since they own nearly 80 percent of the total search engine market share and generate nearly 60 percent of web traffic for any site.

One of the very simple requirements Google highly recommends and rewards if done properly is link building. Linking your website to other websites and they back linking to yours generate higher authenticity of your web content and with higher back links your page seems more recommended and hence eventually your web page ranking goes up. With higher web page ranking you can get your webpage to appear as one of the top 10 results on the search engine page. That fact alone is a reason to use linking in your web page coding.

SEO and Linking

Google as well as other popular search engines only display websites as result that are properly optimized according to their SEO setting. It helps the search engine algorithms to determine which page is worth displaying. Hence the very first benefit of linking your web page is that the search engine is willing to display it as a top result. Linking not in the sense as to just creating junk pages that link your page for higher ratings. That no longer flows, you need properly linked pages with authentic and original content for it properly work.

Other benefits

websites linking benefits

Once your pages are properly linked with anchor text and excellent keywords( another requirement of SEO by Google) your page is ranked high in the results. This automatically gives the impression to the visitor that your brand name is real and trustworthy. They know Google will not deliberately forward them to site that is not genuine and deals in fraud.

Once your page is well branded and is high on the ranking page, your page gets more visitors. Since you’re getting more “clicks” Google is willing to display ads on your page will pays you money as per the visitors you get on your web page. The more the clicks the more money you make through your website, other than the already business you’re generating through the web traffic you’re getting. Furthermore the pages that are linked to your webpage also get business and more web traffic despite the fact they do not have high ranking on any search engine.Hence you have the right to compensation from those web pages since you are generating their traffic.

Finally since you are part of a good network and you have many linked pages, you do not have to worry about a single web page going offline. You are part of a big network which is safe.


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