Best IPhone Apps to Assist You in Apartment Hunting

To find an apartment that fulfil your need and requirement without crossing your budget is not an easy task. You need to contact Realtor, visit an ample number of apartments and negotiate the numbers. Apart from consuming energy, this technique also takes a lot of time which is totally unwanted when you cannot afford the present apartment’s rent anymore.

Thus, to assist you with easier and quicker apartment search, many apps is available on the iPhone which are free to download and use. Out of hundreds of such apps, here is the list of the best few among them which has some extra helpful features over the others:

# Padmapper apartment search: Whenever you click on the search apartment button on this app, it compiles all the essential data from various informative sources such as Rental Source and gives you the result. Padmapper has an excellent user interface and can be easily used by all. In addition, this app also facilitates you with the information regarding the neighborhood of the apartment. Thus, if you want to get a pad near a grocery store, infirmary, medical shop, etc then you can browse through the various options on this app and find the rental listings. This app also finds the apartment near your current apartment and shows the listing in the increasing distance order from your current apartment.

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# Complete Rentals: This app is efficient, easy and extensive. It has more listing of Apartments than any other application and has an excellent user interface. It includes map search to give a better insight on the location of the new apartment and has all the essential features like sharing, favorites etc. If you can afford to use just one app then this one should be it.

# Apartment guide: The icon of this free to use app appears on the right side of the screen with white lettered “Ag” on red background. This app lets you search the apartment on the basis of money, distance and size. You can put down all the features that are looking for in your new apartment and this app will bring the available options. Launched by PRIMEDIA, it is a better version of with extensive features and great User interface. With the inbuilt GPS service, it also provides the mapped way to the new apartment and allows you to maintain a favorite check list. You can download it for free from iTunes and start your apartment hunting.

# Apartments: This App has all the features similar to all the above mentioned apps with the touchable pins that are used to synchronize the search. You can enter your requirement for semi furnished or luxury finished apartment and get a huge number of options to browse through. This App can also be used by the real estate agents to effectively manage the search and location of the apartments put up for rents or sales.

# Real estate by Zillow: Available on iTunes, this app with its latest version 5.5 has an amazing user interface. You just need to feed the location where you are searching for a pad and it brings to you, all varieties of apartment options from the ones put up for sale to the ones that can be rented. In addition, it also specifies the rent and other apartment features so that you can decide whether you want to take a look at the apartment or not.

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