Top 5 Online Jobs for Students Without Investment

Now a day there are a large number of online jobs for students. Students not only get the opportunity to earn money from these jobs but they even get an opportunity to increase their level of knowledge. Numerous of people are making good money through online jobs. Many students are in search of work to meet their college and other expenditures. The main question that arises is that how students can get jobs online. Students just have to do a little hard work and can succeed in earning good money online.

Top 5 Online Jobs for Students:


Most of the students are interested in one thing or the other, be it politics, arts or sports etc. Blogging is one of the best online jobs for students. Students can build their own blog and write on their most favorite niches. It is one of the most profitable easy jobs online for students that can be used by students to express their ideas and thoughts.

Do keep in mind that you must develop a bog that is informative and good, as many people including writers will approach you to sign in for an ad service such as Google Adsense for posting common sponsored link on your website. You will be able to make more money if people visit your website and click on the ads.

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is another job among easy jobs online for students. It means advertising properties, services or products of different people and companies. When someone is willing to purchase, what you are advertising or promoting online, you get the opportunity to earn some commission. Affiliate Marketing is one of the finest online jobs for students that could be done without any investment of money.

online jobs for students

Article Writing Jobs:

Many websites offer these article writing online jobs for students. The registration process is also easy. Some examples of such websites are,, and All you require is good writing and grammar skills.

Data Entry Jobs:

This job includes skills of a typist. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and you can comfortably work by sitting at home. Data entry jobs are easy online jobs for students that can go on with studies. Numerous websites offer these online jobs for students and the registration is free of cost.


These days there is huge pressure on students of all ages to perform well in school. Therefore, students are always in need of a good tutor who can help them out and guide them on the subjects and topics in which they lack. Tutoring is one of the top 5 online jobs for students that require your education skills to make other students learn from you. Most of the students own hi-speed internet that assists them in studying at their home. This is the main reason why tutoring services have grown enormously well.


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