Best Creative Ways To Connect With Your Customers On Facebook

Being clever does not take creativity, and being creative does not mean you have to be clever. You can connect with your customers in a number of fancy ways on Facebook, but the most effective methods are not often the most clever or creative. Here are a few things to consider before you start creating posts involving dubbed over tracks of Obama rapping about your products. 

Actually communicate with them

It is the same as when a teenage boy asks you for dating advice, and you discover that he has spent all of his time fixing his clothes, hair, walk and smile, only to realize he never simply walks over to women and talks to them.

When you are on social media such as Facebook, you are not there to act as window dressing. There is no point is making your posts and your fan page look fantastic if you are not going to try engaging with your consumer. It is social media, so be social.

Communicating unprofessionally

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One reason why so many companies do not actually get in there and communicate (write/talk) with their viewers is because it appears unprofessional. Speaking as one person on a social media site seems like something a small business would do. They fear that it undermines their credibility, when what they do not realize is that people do not care. If the TV was able to pick out a person in a room, and engage them in a conversation about a product, do you think that person would think the company was unprofessional or small potatoes?

Look at Matt Cutts; he uses blogging as his social media platform. He is a Google engineer, and Google is one of the planets biggest companies, yet they do not seem unprofessional for allowing him to blog and answer his comments. If you had a comment section on your blog, would you not answer the comments placed there? If so, then what is the difference between that and your Facebook fan page?

Connect with your customers by sending messages back and forth on your profile. Do not do it by private message, or the other people visiting your site will not get the benefit of the online intercourse.

Give them something they have not seen 100 times

This is desperately important, because if you take the time to look on Facebook you are going to see the same thing over and over again. It is like going to a cheap Mexican tourist town and seeing the same cheap Chinese bought goods in every shop. Even if you just go on the lookout for funny pictures on Facebook, you can be sure you are going to see the same ones at least ten times per hour.

So, start with something original. At least in that way you are always the first to present the post. Don’t be too upset of people quickly copy your content and post it on their website. You can use it to your advantage if you make it so that the content has to include your company name, logo or website address.

Tell them that you are talking to them

This idea was originally conceived thanks to a Ron White joke, where a TV evangelist caught his attention more and more as he said, “Are you lying in your boxers, on the couch, eating Cheetos?” Finally, the evangelist said, “Would you like to send me $40?” To which Ron replied, “Phew, I thought he was talking about me there for a second.”

This concept can be used on social media. You can target your consumer group directly. It may sound silly, but it happens all the time. Remember all the adverts on TV that say, “Have you been in an accident this year?” You can connect with your Facebook viewers by using similar techniques.

People in their 30’s tend to have kids, so ask if they are tired of cleaning the house. Even if they do not have kids, they are probably living the single and free life, meaning that they are sick of cleaning the house. You can go a step further with, “Does money seem to evaporate quicker than you planned?” which is a sexy way of saying “Do you wish you had more money?” which most people are going to reply “yes” to.

If you pull of this trick very well, then your target consumer will be left at your whim. It creates a connection that identifies with them personally, but they do not know that it does. It is like horoscopes, how you can read the wrong horoscope to someone and they will still identify with it. They take the connection personally, without realizing that other people have messy houses and are penniless too.


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