Blogging Fun: How To Make Success Blog By Helping Others

Bloggers can do good to others while making a good benefit from an overall aura. Here are some tips to improve your blog audience by helping others.

1. Align with a customized fundraising site

Bloggers can create their own fundraising pages on the site. They can select from over a million charities for the support of your readers, and shall share all this information on your social network presence.

2. Assist a local cause

It’s not a hard task to find in your local area a cause you can help with, whether it’s serving meals to the homeless or arrange the adoption of new born homeless puppies.

Local initiatives are going to be far less complex to set up than any national appeals so it will be easy to organize all your spare time with the help of friends and neighbors both on your social networks and in person. You might not directly get more readers, but it will send a good word to the world and pay clear dividends for your blog in the long run.

3. Raise funds for a worthwhile charity

There is nothing more profitable than being identified as a committed raiser of awareness and funds for a charity with a cause which your readers can connect with. As we know each blog has a different purpose and thus the nonprofit organization you align with should be relevant to your field.

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If your subject is pets, provide assistance to an animal rights or wildlife charity; if you deal with electronics, raise funds to help poverty-stricken Third World recycling workers who live in unbelievably toxic environments. Try to choose accordingly.

4. Develop an app

You can easily contract freelance programmers around the world to work on a contract basis and have them develop a reasonable app for pocket money. These apps shouldn’t directly promote your blog but can do some good for someone. Maybe set aside a penny for a charity each time an NFC payment is made, or show on a map where the nearest donation box for clothes and household effects is located.

5. Convert reader activities to Money

The website allows anyone to raise money for any given non-profit organization by simply downloading a sidebar and surfing the web. The bar displays relevant ads on the pages and each click puts much-needed cash into the charity’s coffers. Your blog readers and social media followers are big assets to spread so why not help convert this activity to help a valid fundraising cause?

Doing good not only brings personal satisfaction, but it also helps your readers feel good about your blog as well. Bloggers everywhere are discovering the value of altruism.


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