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So you’re not a professional writer. So what? That doesn’t mean that you don’t have ideas about things; that you don’t want to express yourself and share your views. Well, now blogging has gone light, so you, too, can be an effective blogger. The largest light-blogging sites share one thing. It doesn’t take a lot of words to make a post. In fact, you’re not permitted to post a lot. Called micro-blogging, these sites permit expression without complication.

First on the micro-blog list is Twitter. The addictive and insatiable site overwhelms the competition, with over 200 million users. The 140 character restriction makes for short posts, but numerous ones. The simplicity of hash tag references and a simple @ messaging system permits all users to catch on quickly.

Second is up-and-coming Tumblr. With the capability to make longer posts, post images, videos, and art, and design the layout any way you want, Tumblr is for the somewhat more tech savvy. According to com Score, Tumblr recorded 13.4 million unique visitors in the U.S. in July, 2011- up 218% from July, 2010. The flexibility of Tumblr attracts a younger demographic than Twitter, though most micro-bloggers use both.

blogging light

There are many additional micro-blogging sites. Presently permits business users to build a custom micro-blogging network that fits their organization. Qaiku is a micro-blogging site that incorporates Twitter. Create a stream, and monitor your impact as others mention you. Posts have a 140-character maximum. Hictu is a micro-blogging site for posting short video, audio, and text. Video and audio clips have a 60 second maximum; text posts have a 160-character maximum. IRateMyDay is a micro-blogging site to rate your day. Write short comments as you contemplate your feelings. Posts have a 200-character maximum. StatusNet is an open-source enterprise social network that supports micro-blogging and activity streams. Similar to, it was created for companywide micro-blogging. is a micro-blogging service constructed on the free StatusNet tool. You can post small text notifications about yourself, where you are, what you’re doing, or virtually anything you want. Posts have a 140-character maximum. Use Plurk to share your life. Share through the web or your mobile phone. Posts have a 140-character maximum. Posterous Spaces is a light-blogging platform with over 10 million visits per month. Share text, snapshots, video, audio, anything you want to share. You can also broadcast to other social networks. Post on the move with the iPhone or Android application. Floort is a site to articulate to the world what you think on just about any topic. Share your viewpoint and then find out what your listeners think. DailyBooth is a light-blogging site for posting snapshots and brief text about your life. Kontain is another site for blogging with pictures and short text. Rememble is a light-blogging site to unite text, photos, videos, sounds, and more. Their slogan is ‘join your content and share your life’.

Those are just a few examples of the countless variety of micro-blogging sites available. Each site has its own ‘space’ and concept of what they want to share. Everybody can find a site that fits their disposition. Check a few out and give one a try. You might be stunned by how much you have to share.


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