Blogs and Forums as Tools to Improve Website Traffic

Many of you who have launched new websites would be wondering about ways of improving the Website visibility on search engines. Though there is a lot of ways of achieving this, there are only a few that are really effective.One such potent method is the use of backlinks from other related websites. As it is quite difficult to get backlinks from quality and relevant websites; you can also think about other methods of backlinking. Posting comments on Blogs and forums is some of the easiest ways of getting free backlinks to your site. Let us see how

Blogs as a backlinking tool – Have you noticed that many blog sites allow visitors to post comments at the end of the blog? What you can do is; you can add a backlink to your site as a signature on your comment. But always remember that there is fine line to tread on this. Never comment solely for the sake of getting backlinks, or the blog owner may identify your comments as spam.

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Using Forums to backlink to your site – Participating in forums is another good way of improving traffic to your Website. You can get yourself registered on forum sites and start posting. Your forum posts should not only be on topics relevant to yourwebsite , but also something useful for people on the forums. You will be allowed to add backlinks to your site at the end of your forum post as a signature, image etc. This is one of the best free ways of improving traffic to your site. Again remember; never use the forum for the sole purpose of promoting your site. Keep in mind; trying to spam the forums with useless posts will ultimately result in you getting tagged as a spammer.

So, strike the right balance and your backlinking efforts will surely improve traffic to your Website.

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