Boost Your Education with These Four iPad 3 Apps

Seasoned users already know that iPads allow you to do almost anything from almost anywhere allowing you to get more done each day. Using your time efficiently is important whether you are going to school or working full-time, and it is even more important if you are doing both. Educational apps for smartphones can be just what you need to succeed in college because they keep you organized and make it possible for you to complete your school work whenever you have the time. The following apps may just convince you to never go anywhere without your iPad 3.

iBooks 2

With the iBooks 2 app you can read a wide range of ebooks on your iPad without ever setting foot in a bookstore or library. The second edition of the app includes textbooks, which is an added bonus for students. Without e-textbooks, college students have to lug a sack of heavy books around for a semester only to, in many cases, attempt to sell them back to the bookstore for a fraction of the original price. The availability of the iBooks 2 app may prove very useful to students.

Evernote acknowledges the fact that the best ideas may come when you are not sitting at your personal computer. The app lets you create notes on your smartphone no matter where you are, and then you can upload them to your Mac or PC later. Evernote offers an easy way to take and organize notes using text, photos or audio files. It is relatively unstructured to be useful for remembering all kinds of information whether its notes on class lectures, collections of event photos or appointment reminders.

Bento for iPad

iPad 3 apps

The Bento for iPad is a productivity app from Apple. Although it isn’t specifically designed to enhance your education, the organizer can help you plan your time and give you peace of mind so you can better concentrate on your school work. The app has space for managing your acquaintances, tracking progress on projects and planning events.


Penultimate is an iPad app for taking and rearranging notes. You can write your notes directly on the screen using a stylus or your finger. If you’re taking online courses, you may find that Penultimate is indispensable for completing and submitting your assignments. The app can convert your work to PDF format and send it to your instructor. This app can also be useful for collaborating with team mates on class projects because you can draw and send captioned diagrams to convey your ideas.

Your iPad 3 may already be your second self. You can use it to manage your personal finances, get live updates on your favourite sports teams, keep track of your friends’ birthdays and buy tickets to entertainment events. Now, these apps may make your iPad 3 the key to your success in school. They can keep you organized and let you study on the go so that you save time and are able to do your school work while fulfilling work and family obligations.

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